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The best Side of what kind of man does a woman want
Some women are very selectiveandonly chooseparticular types ofmen based on appearance,weight, financial status,and race. what kind of man does a woman want ?

However, mostwomenare what I refer to asan Open Type This means thatthey arewilling to interactwithvarious types of menas long as he canattract herto him forany reason(e.g.he is confident, charming and charismatic is funny,etc.).

There are many menwho are averageorunder-average in appearance, who areattracted to gorgeouswomen.It is also common to seewomengetting marriedorhaving relationships with malesofall races.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

A gentleman who is a good one is thekindof man whowomenlove.

  • Is confident around her andother people.
  • He is masculinein the wayhis thoughts, feelings,andconducts himself.If there’s a problemthere is a solution, he will find itandmovesforward, not wastingenergy getting emotional,like women).
  • Will be able to loveherunconditionally and loveherasshetruly is at the core instead of constantlytrying toalter herorforce her to becomemore like him.
  • is able toguide both himself and herto deeper feelings of love, attraction and loveas time passes, instead ofexpect her to remainwith him all the time justbecauseit was good inthestart.
  • Has purpose in direction in life ( driven) and is determined todowhat he’s tryingtoachieve in the longterm, instead ofbeing a lost guywhodoesn’t even knowwhathe wants to dowith his life orisn’t abletofollow through onthe goals he has set for himself.
  • Has no fearinromance, as opposed to approachingthe relationshipwith aclosed mindoran insecure mind.

All Men Can Actively AttractWomen

Although certain men are bornwith moreappealing looksthan others,thatdoesn’t mean they can’t attractwomen inotherways.By being confident, exudingmasculine vibes that makewomen feelattractive, makingthembe charming, cheerful and funny, etc.

Therealityabout attraction is thatmanywomen (not all) are moreinterestedanddrawn tothe person’s behavior, personalityandcharacter make herfeelthan on howthey look.

Yes, there are somewomen whoare only looking foran attractive man, but the majority ofwomen aremore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey’ll accept.

Watch this video to learnthe way that women’s attraction tothe man actually worksandthe best way toleverageit tobe the kindof man that women want…

As you can see fromtheabove video the typesof menthat womenfeel attracted to come inall sorts ofshapes, sizes and races.

All of these men are able todraw women, even ifthey’re not male models orare wealthy, or aren’t 6 feettall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Charming man.
  • An overweight man.
  • Aman who is short.
  • Abald man.
  • A sexyman.

Truth is,no two men areexactly the same.

The men in question don’twear the samebrandofclothing or listen to the identicalkind of music or leadthe sameway of life.

In responseto thequestion ,“Whatkindofmen do women prefer?” what youshouldbeasking yourself is“Howcan I getwomen tobe attracted tome?”

Why?It’s irrelevant ifwomenloveyou as a person , andbelieve thatyou’rea nice guy withgood intentions.

Being nice toa womanis agreatway to show respect however it onlyis important onceyou’vemade her feelattractedto you.

It’snot enough to becourteous to her to ensurethat she is attracted toyourcompany.If youwould like her to feelattracted to you, it’sall aboutdisplaying the personality traitsandbehaviorsthatattract women naturally.

For example: Ifyou interactwith a woman andareconfident and makingher laugh,then you arecharming and havean edgy vibethat makes her feel feminineandfeminine around you,then she will naturallyfind a lot of loveforyou.

Ifyou’re anxious whenyou speak with women,andyou keep quietbecause you are afraid ofmakingthe wrong joke you will make her feel upsetandbe less likely tosmile at you.

AttractionComes First and EverythingElse Flows Naturally After That

You need to make womenfeel attractedto youIf you wish to bethetype of manthey are drawn to.

If youcan make womenfeel attracted,she’llbe morewilling to havesex with your partnerand possibly becomingyourpartner.

Example: A guy couldbepassionate about football , however,his girlfriend doesn’twant to.It is possible that she would still liketohave sex,behispartner, orget married tohim.

Insofar as the crucialelement of sexual attraction ispresent and she’s ablelook up to youandrespectyou as a male, then anysmall or minordistinctions(likehaving a different style ofmusic or lifestyle interests)really don’t matter muchto the majority ofwomen.

Someonewho isin a relationshipwithsomeone who loves footballis more likelyagree to him attendingmatches or watching on televisionto spend timetogether.

She doesn’t have to becomea fan or becomeobsessed with football the waythe guy is, but she willat least accept his interestinfootball and enjoy itas itkeeps him satisfied.

Whatkind of men doMost Women Not Like?

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A majority of women do not likethose who:

  • Too nice.
  • Uneasy or shy.
  • There is no direction or purposeinthe world.
  • Insufficiency ofcharisma and personality
  • Too proud orselfish
  • There is no alpha male quality.

The bestway to be successful withwomen is tojust bethekind guyyou are, but alsohave some balls.

With balls,you’re confident, you canbe assertivein situations where you needto and possesstheemotional power to take onany challenge thatlifewill throw at you.

But don’t forgetto be thekind person youalready are.

Most guys areconfused by what womenlike in men. And iftheysee a woman who hasa bad boy they believe that the majority ofwomenwant this.

There are womenout therewhowould prefer to havean unloving boyfriend or girlfriend but the majority of guysdo not have that. Theycontinue to be laid and have girlfriends. They alsoeventually, they getmarried.

Why?Most women wantmen who have the couragetotake ontheproblemsof life.

A woman will feel attractedto youif she feelsthat feeling about you.

It’sreally as easyasit gets.

If you can drawwomenthat way and you’ll seethatyou’re actuallythekind of manwomenlike.

However, the reasonthat you were not getting resultsearlier on was thatyouwere unabletoreally attract womenandentice themwhen youtalkedtothem.

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