The Biggest Mistake You are Doing, If Thinking that Deleted Data Cannot be Retrieved!

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The Biggest Mistake You are Doing, If Thinking that Deleted Data Cannot be Retrieved!

When we hear delete your data from drive, it sounds as a very easy task to perform because you just need to press the “Delete” key to remove the data from drive or partition of the hard disk. But do you really think that the file is deleted from your system? No, the file is still available in recycle bin and you can restore it any time to its exact location.Here, what you need to know is how you can stop your file to go into the recycle bin and become vanished from your system. In order to not let go your files into recycle bin use “Shift + Delete” key combination.

Now, the next question might be arising in your mind that after using “shift + delete” key to delete my files are those files now permanently gone?The answer of this question is unfortunately “No”.The file which had been deleted permanently doesn’t go anywhere. They get tagged as the deleted in operating system and the space which was occupied by them become available to store new files. Unless you store new files into the drive those files just sit there and can be recovered using any data recovery tool.The tools like Stellar, Recuva are available for free to recover permanently deleted data from the hard drives.

What to Do To Erase my Deleted Files and Make Them Unrecoverable Forever

Erasing Deleted Files sounds little technical but in actual it is not. You just need a best file eraser software which can perform file erasing task on your behalf. Now day’s the trending software for erasing files from storage devices like HDD, Pen Drive, Internal hard drive, SSD, etc is Bitraser File Eraser tool. This software is launched by Stellar and now trending as the best free file eraser software in the market. It comes with the 17 different international eraser algorithms to wipe any format files from the storage drives beyond the scope of recovery.

If you are concern for data recovery and want to make it unrecoverable forever then Stellar Free file eraser will be the best choice. It is available for free for 30 days and there is no limit for wiping files. You can use any eraser algorithm, verification methods or any other feature of the software you want to use without spending a single penny. Moreover, it also generates detailed Erasure Reports and File eraser certificate for the compliance audit.

Tips to Fix Windows Corrupted Drive and Recover Data from it

Best Features of Bitraser File Eraser Tool:

  • Sanitize Unused Disk Space
  • Erase Browsers History
  • Eraser almost all Types of Files and Folders
  • Wipe Data from Email Clients
  • Erase all the traces of Internet Activities
  • Remove Chat Messages from Skype and other Messenger Apps
  • Support 17 international Eraser Algorithms
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS


If you really want to delete something from your drive beyond the scope of recovery then don’t just rely on “Shift + Delete” key and download Bitraser File Eraser software to vanish your data permanently from your system.

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