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The Brain and Video Games

Video games have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. They have impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined. I have always thought that video games are works of art and a really positive form of media for people.

Since the introduction of video games there has been a constant debate about their effect on us. With this short blog are going to discuss how video games can effect cognitive processing ability.

There have been many studies carried out that highlight both the good and the bad effects of video gaming. No matter where you stand right now games have infiltrated individual life like never before.

The game market in the US has crossed 18.4bn USD and video game mobile app developers are making revenue worth 10bn USD each year.

Now, to understand how gaming effects the mind we would have to begin with analysing different types of games that are out there and what kind of an environment they provide for the gamer.


Massively multiplayer online known as MMOs help kids develop social skills by interacting with people around the world.


Role playing games known as RPGs are often times single player games that let the player make their own choices and see the impact of their choices throughout the game.#


First person shooters are faced paced games that help kids with quick decision making and hand-eye coordination.


Multi player online battle arena known as MOBA are team based games that help teach kids how to work together and properly communicate in a group setting.


Strategy games are in depth games which focus on critical thinking, also involve world-wide elements and politics that drive decision making. They help improve critical thinking which has a more direct approach on cognitive skills.

Positive effects of Gaming on Disabled People:

Social Skills:

Autism makes it harder for kids to understand others thoughts and emotions. This is where video games come to the rescue and have been helping disabled children improve their socio-motor skills.

Motor Skills:

Motor skills are described as a coordinated pattern of movements acquired through practice involving the ability to execute movements effectively to achieve intended outcomes. Video games like Minecraft help kids improve motor skills with interactive problem –problem solving and creatively achieving there goals.

Cognitive Flexibility:

The open world aspect of gaming allows kids to improve their cognitive flexibility by making them achieve goals in a multitude of ways

The Cognitive Benefits of Video Games:

The cognitive benefits of video games include better decision making, improved social skills, enhanced cognitive flexibility, improved focus and attention. There has been a study conducted where one group of people played action video games while the other group played stealth or slow paced video games.

The results told us that as action video games developed by Mobile Game Development Company are fast paced and there are peripheral images and events popping up and disappearing. These types of games play an effective role in teaching players on how to become better at taking sensory data in and translating it into correct decisions.

Team based games such as Overwatch improve social skills and teach its players how to work together to achieve the goal.

Doing Well In School?

One might think whether if its possible for kids to play video games and also do well in school? Well according to studies it is in fact possible to enjoy video games regularly and not become a flunkie. The study drew out data from annual Examination Departments about Math, Science reading results of fifteen year olds.

Information like student’s average time online playing video games and the parent’s education level and occupation was also collected.

The researchers found that the correlation between playing video games online and academic performance. It was found that students who played games developed by mobile game development company, almost every day performed substantially better in all testing categories, scoring an average of 15 points above average.

What Does the Correlation Tell Us?

How or if video games have an impact on performance is not something that can be figured out from this sort of analysis. It is a classic case of correlation does not necessary equal causation.

The author of the study suggested a few different possible explanations. Maybe the games are having a direct impact as the games developed by mobile gaming companies use the concepts of math, science or language as essential gameplay elements which are forcing players to master these concepts to progress in games.

Its also possible that people who enjoy math and reading prefer to play these types of games any way. Interestingly there have also been studies that suggest that the results of students have dropped who play video games almost every day.

This could be because of the fact that the time and opportunity cost invested into gaming every single day is does not seem to leave enough space for studies. This means that more games does not always mean people get smarter. In fact it is about finding the right balance between gaming and other activities to channel all that inner energy.

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