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There are more trading sites for Forex than we can rely on, but just a handful qualify to be considered the strongest. The best markets for trading Forex on are very arbitrary, you see, whoever calls anything the most excellent means founded on their own view, rather than the entire market’s opinion.

But that doesn’t mean that if MT4 is the best for you, it’s the best for anyone else. We can’t ignore, though, the reality that some channels are far more common than others. Because of this, let us concentrate on only five potential media that could be preferred by a trader.

Three of these platforms are considered the most popular: MT4, MT5, and cTrader, and the two others are considered to be the least used version: Ninja Trader.

All of these details together will produce an opinion of a single site, but it isn’t easy to name one the greatest, which will be up to you and your interests.

Let us now look at each of these sites in more depth and see what they have to give to their customers and why individuals specifically select them. While some of the explanations might be quite close, on these sites, there are also some variations that specialists manage to identify. Let’s get some of them illustrated.


MT4 is the most common forum for forex trading right now. About any single broker that operates in the sector will locate it. One of the critical factors is that it was one of the first applications ever built for Forex trading.

The explanation why the best FX trading platform is considered to be MT4 is its generation. You see, while the architecture can look obsolete, the MT4 is optimized very well. There are bugs in every program, but because MT4 has been around for so long, almost all of them have been fixed.

Besides, it’s straightforward to get a response from the group because of how large it is to have any problem on the site.

MT4 also has the bonus of being accessible on many more sites for brokers than most other programs. Traders can switch brokers because of this but keep the same platform they are used to.


The MT4 and MT5 all have the same configuration. It is virtually difficult, in reality, to tell them apart. But, because it’s close to MT4, MT5 is not considered one of the strongest trading sites Forex has to offer because it’s marginally better.

You see, MT5’s main benefit is that it has all that MT4 has, but more of it. MT4 has nine timeframes, for instance, while MT5 has 21. Indicators, expert consultants, charting mechanics, and several more resources may also be said for this.

Also, with Forex trading in mind, MT5 was not only made, but it is also tailored for items such as CFD trading, which may be useful for individuals seeking to diversify without shifting their platforms.

Overall, the “upgraded” variant of MT4 may be deemed MetaTrader 5, but not to the point that allows it to be the apparent option. The individuals who use this program are also very subjective about their appraisal of it.


In terms of prominence, we may comfortably claim that cTrader is probably among the top 5 Forex trading sites. It becomes a little more subjective when it comes to utilizing the platform.

CTrader, just like MT4, is optimized quite well. In developing this network for both novice and experienced traders in mind, the business behind it, Spotware, was quite delicate. It is also straightforward to view and use items like map forms, timeframes, metrics, and EAs.

CTrader has a much more futuristic feel to it in terms of style. Although MT4 seems to have been built for Windows XP, cTrader looks more like the beloved versions of Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Thankfully, cTrader already has a broad group that can often assist if the app has any challenges.

Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader is also an emerging site that is more comparable to cTrader than MT4 or MT5, but we are not talking about comparisons. We are trying to find the right Forex trading sites for both beginners and experts.

Most customers say that the app is more than enough for what they regularly need in optimization. It appears to be at a sufficient stage in terms of putting transactions, utilizing instruments, and usually communicating with the scheme.

For Ninja Merchant, one significant distinction is that it can be bought. While this might seem like a negative, there is some understanding of whether individuals will buy it. If traders use MT4 or MT5, for instance, it’s theoretically open. To compensate for the MT4 authorization they have, the broker can also have a markup on their spread.

For NinjaTrader, since the traders themselves buy the program or pay monthly subscriptions, brokers are not required to purchase the certificate. While it is not always a positive idea to pay for tech, it also can be better than the markup on spreads over the years.

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