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Can you just take out little time from your busy schedule and reflect back when you had the time for yourself? The time when you enjoyed your leisure moments, the time when you actually became a bit selfish and thought about yourself. Are you able to remember any such instant? There is a major possibility that the answer is NO. The reason is that it has been years that you actually had a break from your busy life. You don’t have to take out extra time for this or plan out something big, a leisurely walk through the Southern Ocean would even be a sufficient recourse for you and you will feel the weight from your shoulders are dropping off. Now you would be wondering what is so special in the Southern Ocean walk. Plan out your day and you will explore it by yourself.

To give a little introduction about the place, the Southern Ocean Walk is a 4-day 3 nights adventure which is not only restricted to ocean seeing and beach walking but it’s more than that. From the craggy cliff tops to stringybark forests to further undisturbed waterfalls are the places existing there to make your visit a memorable experience. So, your Guided Walk in Australia will start as per the places mentioned hereafter:

Cape Jervis to Deep Creek

The walking time for this place is approximately 5 hours. Your journey will commence at Cape Jervis, the starting point of one of the world’s great walking trails, The Heysen Trail, with a 1200km long dedicated track for a walk- the longest of all. Your companion in the walk through the Heysen Trail will be the coastal views accompanied by scenic beaches, conservation parks, local bushlands and vertical cliffs. Elevated vantage points offer elegant views. A view of the narrow shipping lane between the mainland and kangaroo island, known for its stretching currents. Along with these awe-striking views in the Southern Ocean, you can even have occasional appearances of seals, dolphins or whales etc.

Guided Walk Australia

After covering a long track, you will find yourself in the Deep Creek Conservation Park where the landscape and the coastal view will get converted to the dense sclerophyll forests. This conservation park is a home for a number of native wildlife including western grey kangaroos, short-beaked echidnas and hundreds of species of birds.

Not only the park is loaded with wildlife but the same offers bush camping as well. Four campgrounds are available at 2WD situated on the Heysen Trail, making it the most likeable hotspot for family adventures.

Exploring Deep Creek

Since after such a long trail walk, you won’t be left with any energy to explore further. Therefore, after taking a rest for the night in the Heysen Trail, you reenergize yourself for further exploring the Deep Creek. It will be approximately five and a half hours times. After making your way through the Aaron Creek and Tent Rock Creek, you finally reach the waterfall after which the park was named. The woodlands roughly convert to dense thick forests with traditional grasses and wildflowers and as you are near to approaching the waterfall, you will notice the beauty of the forests and of nature dawns in. The mix and match of the natural colours further enhance the aura of the place where you can sit and peacefully enjoy the sound of water running and falling, the chirping of the birds and the scent of the wildflowers away from the noise of the city. The perfect place for taking a break from this busy life.

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