The primary things to follow when buying kids jewellery

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The primary things to follow when buying kids jewellery

The first and foremost is that cheap isn’t good when it comes to children’s Jewellery. Poor quality Jewellery can contain hazardous substances such as lead, chromium, nickel, brominates flame retardants, chlorine, mercury, arsenic and many others that can cause allergies to act as hormone disruptors and even be carcinogenic. Good quality always comes with a price, and you can never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to buying children’s Jewellery. To be sure you get more for your money, buy from reputable Jewellery brands.


Consider your child’s taste and likes


Take into account the personality and age of your child a child who is still waking up Jewellery should not be given smaller Jewellery such as rings or pendants. If they’re really only 3-5 years old, it would be best to limit your child’s Jewellery to a nice pair of earrings and nothing else. A relatively sober or older child aged 6 or older can afford neck chains, bracelets and other types of Jewellery. For an active child, put on a few small pieces of Jewellery so that the jewels do not interfere with the child’s play. And as a precautionary measure, make sure your child does not wear Jewellery while playing.


Children love charm bracelets more because of the fun figurines hanging on them and also because of the soft humming that these bracelets make. However, it is much easier for a child to remove the bracelet on their own. So if you are dressing your little angel for a party and he usually gets frustrated with Jewellery, choose a bracelet because your kid needs help removing it. The choice between a bracelet and a bracelet should also depend on what clothes the child wears on a given day. A bracelet is more likely to get stuck in garments made of georgette, chiffon or mesh, or with ornaments and bracelets then would be a better option.


Practical jewellery to buy for your kid


Adjustable Chains for Necklaces—always go for adjustable necklaces as they not only offer more styling options but can also be easily adapted to your child’s preferences. Your little one can wear the same necklace as a choker, princess, opera, matinee or lariat style necklace. Also, as your child grows older, the adjustable chain for the necklace will ensure the necklace will be used for a longer period of time.


Tight fasteners for earrings—the earrings for your baby must remain in place, even if the baby is playing with them. So avoid fish hook earrings as they are easy to take off and thus easy to lose. Instead, look for a twist, push-fit, snap-on, and lever-stud earrings for your baby.  And, no spiky ends on Jewellery ever buy Jewellery with sharp or pointed edges as this may injure your baby or get stuck in the garment causing problems with untangling. Always choose Jewellery with blunt or rounded ends and a smooth feel. Also, if your child is wearing heavily decorated clothes, make sure the Jewellery does not come into contact with his clothes – that is, necklaces that end behind the neckline and earrings that stop behind the shoulders. In that case, it would be better to choose bracelets instead of bracelets, as the latter has chains that can get stuck in threads or sequins of the clothes.


The material of the jewellery—the material of the Jewellery will determine how child-friendly and durable the Jewellery will be. However, pretty they may look, stay away from glass Jewellery for your child, as this type of Jewellery breaks easily and broken pieces can end up hurting your child. Some children may be allergic to certain metals, especially chrome and nickel, so if you notice a skin rash or discolouration when your child wears new Jewellery for the first time, it’s best to stop using this Jewellery. You should buy children’s Jewellery which is non-reactive and non-allergenic nature. High-quality plastic, wooden beads and nylon are other good choices when purchasing earrings childrens Jewellery follows the tips for buying on Kids Jewellery.

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