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Video game live streaming

It is quite evident that lockdown has accelerated fascinating trends within the gaming sector. The engagement of users with the online video game has risen amid COVID-19. The online gaming industry has generated a lot of revenue, particularly during the lockdown. Despite the widespread economic disruption caused by the pandemic, e-sports are gaining massive popularity. The practice of social distancing incorporated post COVID-19 has resulted in the decline of customer and business activity.

Online gaming is typically an at-home activity which has created a platform for people seeking social interaction. The high definition streaming of video games has enthralled the attention of large population towards online gaming platforms. Millions of people all over the world have shown keen interest in live streaming of the game. Online video game streaming comprises of streaming of video game content having pre-recorded gameplays.

No doubt, the lockdown has acted as a boon to live-streaming platforms. It has been reported that the online gaming sector has witnessed a growth of 75% in North America during peak hours, with a 12% rise in live streaming of video games. In Italy, live streaming has experienced a surge of 66% in terms of hours watched. In this time of the pandemic, when people are locked up in their homes, playing video games for the audience is accelerating at a rapid pace.

Online gaming platforms allow streamers to live-stream their gaming session with a broad audience. Streamers work towards providing entertaining and quality gaming content to the followers and viewers. Some of the famous online gaming platforms are as follows:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook

Twitch and YouTube are the most dominating video game streaming platforms. These platforms allow users to generate income as streamers can establish a broad viewer base by targeting a specific audience. Streamers can give commentary and add humour to a streamed video game. These online gaming platforms make sure that the efficiency of streamer and interest of the followers and viewers are considered as a priority.

These platforms consume less production time and enthral the attention of real-time active users. Streamers and viewers can register on these platforms at no cost. This allows the exciting and potential users to follow or subscribe to their favourable streamers and communicate with them very conveniently.

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Some of the interesting characteristics of online video game streaming are as follows:

  • These platforms provide a wide range of data for engaging and indulging viewers and followers of all age groups.
  • These platforms allow gamers to record their videos at superior quality, thereby making it quite convenient for them to stream it on the platform.
  • Streamers can learn various techniques of becoming more efficient at live streaming of video games.
  • Streamers can make use of gaming material to a certain extent after a specified bandwidth by upgrading their account.
  • These platforms allow co-streaming in which more than four streamers can stream their video game at the same time.
  • A computer with promising performance is imperative for efficient outcomes. However, access to the site is totally free.
  • Enchanting videos and fascinating designs which are visually quite dense are the features that overrate the performance and make the live streaming platform unique.
  • These services have a lot of non-gaming material to attract non-gamers and increase followers.
  • Viewers can even watch live shows highlighting culture, music, and other entertainment content on these platforms.
  • Streamers can empower and create a community of viewers and followers on these platforms.
  • The explained information and innovative content on these platforms attract video game enthusiasts.
  • These services allow users to follow streams of particular games. Users can also follow certain channels and personalities.
  • These platforms emphasize on mainstream entertainment material, thereby allowing followers to watch professional-quality live shows on culture and music.
  • These platforms allow users to spread their profile to have a broader fan base conveniently.
  • The customization options for chatting available on these platforms allow streamers to interact with the audience, thereby creating a colourful experience for them.
  • There are a plethora of video events sponsored by huge publishers and other game-friendly companies on these platforms.
  • The community cultivated by the streamers on these platforms ensure that streamers do not have to stay bound to them.
  • Setting up a discord server on these platforms allows streamers to engage their followers and viewers during off-hours.

In the past, the streaming of videos was a tedious task. With the usage of the right software and additional capture card to the computer has made it quite flexible for streamers to stream their video game. Before deciding the desired streaming platform, a streamer must select the right hardware. A new streamer must start with an open channel, including favourite streaming videos having a large number of followers.
A streamer must attach an excellent quality camera to the computer and pace it in such a way that it captures the close up of the streamer identically and adequately. Also, a streamer must have good quality headsets with microphone. Streamers have to put their real voice and face online for their viewers and followers to see and hear.

Video games live streaming is one of the best things occurring in the gaming industry post-pandemic. Online gaming platforms have created a possibility for people to turn their hobbies into a source of earning a large sum of money. As people are forced to stay indoors and have nothing much to do for interaction, the live streaming of games allows them to interact and converse with the viewers and streamers in the chat.

The social vibe of these online gaming platforms creates a wonderful experience not only for streamers but for the viewers as well. It is no surprise that these online gaming platforms will proliferate even when during the lockdown as all the other entertainment options have got cancelled in the communities all around the world.
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