The role of technology in making education system better

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The role of technology in making education system better

Whether you belong to millenniums or from generation Z, it is arguably a unanimous fact that you are definitely relying on Google for your mundane problems. Be it your favorite sportsman, or your final exam, the internet will be the leading choice for searching the answers. 

As far as the impact of technology is concerned, like all other walks of life, education is no exception and cannot survive from this wave of the internet. The www phenomenon has brought radical changes and innovations in the educational landscape. 

Since the inception of the internet, it was believed that the internet would largely benefit the research community and will help them to find plenty of research papers in one place and at the distance of arm’s length (of course, a click away). Let talk about the areas specifically where the technology is leaving its impact and changing it altogether. 


You all must be familiar with the terms like E-Commerce, E-Banking, and E-Sports. They all deal with the virtual side of their original working functionality. Similarly, E-Learning represents the online face of the physical education system. 

As the internet helps people to connect wherever physically they are, in the same manner, E-Learning helps students to engage and discuss their subjects whether they are at their home or somewhere else. This advantage has been revealed dramatically when the entire world is engulfed with the fortified viral disease called Covid-19. 

Despite the pandemic, students can connect with their faculty and campus fellows by using the technology. Online classes and group study applications are the most widely used software in the days of the pandemic. 

Scope of E-Learning

This qualifies the technology as the most useful tool of this decade. The universities are conducting thesis viva and even the scholars are defending their Ph.D. dissertation online and attaining their degrees through E-Learning. Apart from the pandemic, the multimedia classes have been in action for many years. It helped the teachers in formulating their lectures on the interactive format. 

Online products for E-Learning

Teachers have been taking help from websites like YouTube, and Google Scholars for the authentic data. According to them, the graphically appealing lectures have bagged a more positive response from their class as compared to the mere oral lectures. 


One can simply find an online source or learning regarding all major subjects. For example, there are online websites like Calculatored & Wikipedia which can be used for learning & practice of Math, Physics, Finance & Chemistry. Wikipedia covers all types of information globally whether it is related to Economics, Sociology or Political Sciences etc. A popular website WebMD can be used for learning Psychology, Human Nature, Health, Family, Women Issues & drugs etc. Udemy is another big name in this debate which provides tens of thousands of free & paid courses so that one could learn. 

You can read online or download courses in pdf. You can later convert your pdfs to editable formats from Urpdf. So learning has become easy with the modernization of technology.

Online Graduation

What if you were awarded a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree without going even a single day to campus? Does this sound weird enough? It should be but it is currently adopted by thousands of students who want to grasp a professional degree without enrolling in any government or private university. 

There are a number of online forums that are offering online classes and giving certified degrees. Students are asked to register in a course with a fee, which has an enormous difference from the university course fee, thereafter students have been assigned an instructor who teaches them online. 

Many students who have actually taken admission to any university also allowed enrolling in an online course and so many did it. As far as the number of courses is concerned, the list is long. However, cutting the long story short, there is a wide range of courses from the calculus of engineering to a novel-writing course. 

There exists an online portal where the pioneer and well-reputed scholars of the subject are invited to deliver class lectures online. Who would reject the course of filmmaking from Titanic director James Cameron or a fiction writing class from Margaret Atwood?

Learning through Games

There is a famous saying that learning and entertainment won’t go side by side. Before the technological revolution, it was widely believed that games are only the source of entertainment and sometimes an utter waste of time. But it does not remain the same, thanks to many those visionary game developers who bridged the entertainment with the noble cause of learning in such an efficient way. 

Now, on the internet, or any mobile app store there are a multitude of games from which the users can learn problem-solving skills. This leads to a substantial change in the mindset behind playing games. Many users end up at the final level of the game after learning many new words of an unknown language or after solving an algebraic expression. 

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