The Ultimate Guide to Using Video in Sales

Guide to Using Video in Sales

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to utilize the best marketing practices. Videos fall into this category and they can help you engage with your audience, boost brand awareness, increase sales and spread useful information. We’re so used to different video formats by now and we observe them daily. So, why not use this effective form of marketing to drive your sales. 

The sales cycle explained

Every sale cycle has a few stages. During each one of these, you can use a short video to accomplish a certain predefined goal. This goal will be defined by the video script and the video itself. But first, let’s look into the sales cycle. Each sales cycle has the following stages:

●        Prospecting

●        Engaging with prospects

●        Closing interested prospects

●        Checking in

●        Follow up after the sale


If you want to use a video at the initial stage of a sales cycle, simply view it as a video outreach. This initial video should be short, concise and end video with a thought-provoking question. Since this video shouldn’t be longer than a minute and a half, work on the video script in great detail. Once you get every detail in writing, you can record the video. Make sure this video is personal enough but also general enough so that you can reuse it in your outreach. 

Engaging with prospects

Once you make the initial connection, it’s time to further engage with your prospect. Since this is the middle point of a sales cycle, you want to give this all your effort and attention. The prospect has shared their interest with you and they want to know more and the potential of closing the deal is significantly higher than in the initial step. The video you plan to use should be personalised to the prospect, their profile and their niche. Try to be as informative as possible but keep it short and concise. Make sure to include a clear call to action at the end of it so that your prospect will know how to proceed with further communication. Use this video to talk about your service or a product in greater detail than in the previous video. 

Closing interested prospects

If you’ve reached this stage of the sales process, you’re almost there. We’re saying almost because you still need to get a final confirmation from a prospect. Now, if you want to provide more info about your service, address any concerns your prospect might have or the product you can invite a prospect to a video conference. You can host a real-time video conference or share a link to a pre-recorded session where you discuss a case study or share testimonials of prospects you closed previously who share their experience and talk about your service or a product. This will be a helpful asset to close in a warm prospect by reassuring them and addressing all their questions head-on and over a video conference. It’s more personal and it will increase your chances of closing your deal. 

Checking in

We’ll assume that you’ve given your prospect some time to come to their final decision. Every previous step was there to provide higher value, detailed information to make them come to their final decision. This step is connected to the previous step. You can send a short video where you talk about your final proposal and kindly ask them to inform you of their decision. The person you’re talking to can share this video with other stakeholders and they can come to a final decision together. 

Follow up after the sale

This is the last video in your sales cycle. Use it to express gratitude and say thank you to a prospect that became a customer. Keep this video short, personal and general at the same time, so you’ll be able to reuse it. By making this video personal and informative, you’re fortifying the relationship with the client and showing that you value them and the trust they expressed by signing up with you. You can invite them to share their review and express their thoughts about your product and services. 

If you want to try something else and modernise your sales cycle, try using videos. Make sure to write a script for each video and invest in the right video production. This way your videos will look professional, well-thought-of and your prospects will receive unique value and information with each one of these videos.

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