10 Things Every Minecraft Survivor should have or know about

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10 Things Every Minecraft Survivor should have or know about

Minecraft, an amazing pixelated game with a super simplistic design, has been a part of our experience. Or at least, those who have not gotten their hands dirty in it, have heard of it. Many of us, who have tried it, know that it comes with a variety of functions, including building your world, killing monsters, enemies, protecting your shelter, etc. But do we know what the important stuff a Minecraft game is, I doubt? Many gamers tend to look for advanced recipes and techniques. However, they miss out on some important stuff. Here we are with the list of top 10 things every Minecraft survivor should have.

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10 Things Every Minecraft Survivor should have or know about

1. Blast Furnace

One of the key blocks in the Minecraft. It has a variety of purposes to be used for. You can use it for smelting the metal ores or armorers. Well, I got you there saying we can use the furnace for that purpose. Yes, you can. However, blast furnace can do it at twice the pace of the furnace. Of course, every minute saved in Minecraft matters because you can use it for cooking food or fighting off the enemy.

It can be crafted using its basic recipes. In short, open a 3×3 crafting table, fill the first row with iron ingots, fill the second row in this order – iron ingot, furnace, iron ingot. After that, fill the third row with smooth stones.

Once you follow the pattern, you will get blast furnace Minecraft in the right block.

2. Smoker

What block do you use for cooking food, I guess, furnace? If that is so then, I have something amazing for you, my friends. The Smoker Minecraft can cook as well. But there is a slight advantage of using smoker over furnaces, and it is speed. It cooks the food twice as fast as the furnace. Also, you can use the saved time to fight off the enemies or create tools.

To craft the smoker, open 3×3 crafting table, fill every cell, except the middle cell, with cobblestones, and fill the middle cell with the furnace. Once you follow the pattern, you will get smoker Minecraft in the right block of the table.

3. Bed

The bed is a significant block to get your character spawned when killed. You need it the most, especially in case of multiple bases, to spawn at your shelter. For example, if you have one base at the biome, set as shelter, for harvesting, and another base at the challenging location where you might have to fight monsters and animals. It will help you a lot if you can spawn at your shelter.

4. Traps and Defenses

Well, you got your food, tools, and armorers, bed. You might be thinking, what else do I need? You may be aware of enemies attacking you. So, to protect your bases and shelter, you should have traps, no matter what kind of, but you need some. For example, doors to protect yourself from mobs because they might walk into your base if the door is not in place.

5. Pistons

Pistons are a really useful block in the Minecraft game. They can make things look cool and fantastic. It might get hard to use it. But I assure you once you use it enough time, it will come handy. These are a great alternative to doors and traps. They can be used as self-moving walkways, automatic stairs.

6. Main Storage Room

Have you ever given the thought to managing the stuff you have gathered? Of course not. Don’t worry; I have your back there. Managing the stuff you collected is so much easy if you consider using main storage room. Once you manage them properly, you will never fear of getting your items destroyed because of an explosion or lava.

7. MineShaft

If you have created the bases for just showing off, then you could skip this piece. But, if it is functional in some way, you may require mineshaft. Mineshafts may be of multi-tiered or two-tiered or even straightforward ones. It would be best if you claimed an underground forest or animal breeding pens.  Basic ones either occupy a squircle shape or a long ladder shape.

8. Food Farm

Food farms are a great resource house for feeding your character and rejuvenating it. A steady source of stamina, energy, and health rejuvenation will keep you away from anxiety and stress. Initially, you should grow wheat, and when found respective seeds, grow different crops like watermelons.

9. Item Farm

Item farm is a general-purposed farm, similar to food farm, but for the sole intention of gathering items. They are available in different shapes and sizes and have different theories implemented behind them. They are multipurpose, which means they can be used as monster farms, animal breeding farms, and plant farms.

10. Enchanting Room

Enchanting is a new feature added to the Minecraft for the whole purpose of attaching different powers to certain items. It comes with its own formulas and equation to enchant the desired item. It will help if you have an enchanting room at your main base, even better next to your main storage.


So we have gone through the top 10 items a Minecraft survivor should have or, to say the least, know about. It would be of great help to use them on a regular basis. We have compiled this list with many things in mind. However, you might have different things to include in the list. So, please leave the comment, including those things. Goodbye guys, see you in the next article.

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