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People do not prefer to change the concrete floor because of the benefits it provides. If the floor has to handle the movement of heavy machinery, then the concrete floor is the best you have got, but at the same time, if the floor needs to handle foot movement, you need to reconsider your thought on a concrete floor. What can be a possible solution for such cases? You want to keep the properties of the concrete but also want to make it suitable for people to walk. This can only be accomplished by concrete polishing. Concrete polishing will give your floor a smooth look without reducing the properties of the concrete. 

Polished concrete is a good option for various reasons, including high durability, resistance to impact and peel, and versatility. 


Whenever we have to choose from the different coating of the floor, the only thing that will help us decide is the benefits of the choice made. The parameters that a floor needs to fulfil depends on your needs. In this case, we are talking about the movement of heavy items and people simultaneously. That is why concrete polishing will be a good option because, first, it fulfils the requirement and second, because of the associated advantages. 

1) Durability:

You would want to pick up the floor that remains intact for a long period of time to avoid spending money again and again. Concrete polishing will help you to achieve this parameter. The smooth finish of the floor and the adamant properties of the concrete will ensure the prevention of wear and tear so that the floor can survive for a long time. 

2) Quality of resistance:

The reason why polished concrete floors will make a good option is because of their resistance quality. Concrete floors have the potential of resisting shock, peeling, wear and tear, stains and spilling. So while working on the polished concrete floors, you workers will be safe, your machinery, equipment and products will be secure, and the spilling and stains can be dealt with by easy cleaning using a regular mop. 

3) Versatility:

Polished concrete floors are versatile because of many reasons. The polished concrete floor is the best option for an office setting, warehouses and buildings. You need to have some specific qualities on your floor that can handle both the movement of heavy items and human beings at the same time without wear and tear. This kind of floor will meet all your needs. Moreover, there are different patterns and a variety of colours and aggregates and objects that can be embedded in the floor before polishing, which gives you the advantage of customizing your won floor. Maintaining it is also one of the easiest tasks as all you need is a regular mop to clean off the dust from the floor. 

 Concrete polishing process:

Discs are used in the process to cut the concrete floor. Diamon abrasives are used to cut the floor until the smoothness that you want is achieved. 

To open the concrete floor, a densifier is used, which is also known as a hardener. The different types of densifiers include sodium, potassium, lithium, magnesium fluorosilicate and collodium are used depending upon the hydration of the concrete slab. 

After applying the densifiers, it is allowed to rest in order to achieve the hardness. After that, abrasive cuts will be used to achieve the final results. 

If you want to give the concrete floor of your warehouse, office, or any other workplace a fresh look, you should opt for concrete polishing to give the floor a smooth finish for its numerous benefits and ease of maintenance. 

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