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There are some very good reasons why so many businesses are choosing to find a service for paper shredding Gold Coast, rather than doing it themselves. But you need to know you can trust the people you are handing sensitive information over to.

Below we have some good things to consider to see that you get the best service you can. While you do not have to make them meet every criterion, the more they meet the better!

1. How often do they shred? Some companies will have certain requirements when it comes to how often you use them for their shredding services. Some will pick up a few times a week, some just every few months, but most will offer something that falls in between that. Can you meet those requirements, or do they meet yours?

2. Can you call in for additional services? If you have a sudden build-up of documents that need shredding can you call that in and service outside of your regular scheduled shredding service What is the time frame for that?

3. Do they have free storage containers? Some services that offer document shredding Gold Coast will provide free storage containers to keep the paperwork in. Make sure they are ones that can be locked. If they are to be kept inside the building are they okay to look at? Will they offer enough containers for your needs? Do they offer assistance in placing those containers on-site?

4. Are they industry certified? Being industry certified means there are rules and regulations they must follow and that makes them more trustworthy. It also gives you somewhere to go if you have a problem that you cannot resolve with the company itself.

5. Can you watch the shredding happen? When you need paper shredding Gold Coast and you have to witness that can they offer that to you? A lot of shredding trucks for example have monitors so that the destruction and be witnessed.

6. Do they provide a certificate of destruction? When the shredding is completed do they hand over or send you a certificate of destruction for your record-keeping and peace of mind?

This is a legal document any top shredding company should issue after they shred papers for you. It should have time and date of destruction on it, method of destruction and a signature too as well as a reference number. You should keep this in case you need it at some point in the future. Some companies offer one after every shredding and some might send one monthly along with their invoice.

7. Are there any start-up fees? Some might try to charge start-up fees but keep in mind it is a pretty competitive industry and there are plenty of great options that do not require it for you to consider.

8. Do you have to sign a long term contract? Again, some services for document shredding Gold Coast might try and get you to agree to a long term contract of some kind, but there are many reputable options that do not so make sure you are comfortable with such a contract, if you are not, you have other options.

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