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It is no secret that people have started trusting organic products more and more as awareness of skin and hair care issues is being highlighted on social media and the internet every now and then. Amongst these developments, a new brand called Hair Energy emerged in the market.

Ayesha Sohaib, the Co-founder and CEO of this organic hair and skincare brand took the initiative of introducing products that are purely made from natural products for people who wish to keep their hair and skin safe from chemicals.

Ayesha has been a derma expert and has been involved in research on different hair and skin issues for more than 11 years now. Her research and experience led to the process of finding ingenious solutions to people’s hair and skin care problems. As people with post-chemo hair issues, hair and skin issues due to hormonal problems, and severe allergies started giving positive feedback after using her remedies she started a whole product line with purely natural products which became a huge success in a short time span.

According to a market survey of a few departmental stores and shopping malls where Hair Energy products are available, people have shown great interest in these products and often come back to buy more products on demand. 

Different celebrities have been seen endorsing the product but that’s not it. Social media has seen a constant pop-up of the brand appearing on the surface after people have felt a great difference in their hair and skin after using their products. 

The company has a wide range of products which include cleansing products, hair care range with shampoo and hair food, lashes and eyebrows and much more like foot scrubs, masks, and the very traditional Ubtan and different kinds of masks and scrubs.

The best part is that the CEO is seen actively participating in creating awareness of how to use her products and how they will cater to different problems through the official social media account of the company. After all, who can explain the use of a product better than the CEO?

While this is not the only brand that provides organic products in the market, it is however a customer favorite when it comes to organic products. Hair Energy received a great response from people all over Pakistan and there is only one thing that can explain the increasing fame the brand is receiving and that is the product quality and effectiveness. 

The sales also show that the products are also being ordered by people living in other countries. Developing a foreign market is not a piece of cake, kudos to Hair Energy for gaining such success and introducing remedy-based products in the market which people can put complete trust in!

Now you know where to order organic skin and hair care products in Pakistan. The customer reviews suggest that you do try their hair food and their facial cleansers. We leave it up to you to explore the brand according to your own needs. 

Happy Organic Shopping!

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