Tips and tricks to get a slimmer look in salwar kameez

salwar kameez

India is known for its sarees and salwar kameez suits. The Indian outfits are hands down the best and make every occasion and festival look special. Though saree gives a unique and enriched look is difficult to drape and is time-consuming. But one can get an embellished party look in a designer salwar kameez design. Many even wear salwar kameez designs to look slim. The women especially in North India wear salwar suits in their daily activity and even to celebrate the festivity.

We women are blessed with unique shapes and body structures, but sometimes we all want those curves to look even better. Here are some tips and tricks to improve the curves and get the slimmer flaunting look-

  • Go with dark hues- In order to create an illusion and hide the heavier parts of your body, try on with dark colours. Choose colours wisely as lighter shades focus more on the flabby parts. Many darker hues from blacks, dark blues, bottle green, etc are preferred to get a slimmer look.
  • Prefer long sleeves- Whenever choosing readymade salwar suits online or going along with semi-stitched fabric prefer long sleeves. Short sleeves length makes the arms look heavier. The flabby arms look more toned in half sleeves or three-fourths to have the right comfort and style.
  • Check out the prints- Yes, prints also play an important role in getting the right look. Some prints make you look tall, and some may make you look more shredded. Vertical prints elongate the body. Therefore, choose the right patterns, prints to hide the heavy body parts.
  • Go with the right kameez length- One must choose the length of kameez according to the height. Ladies that are shorter in height must not prefer wearing long kameez kurtis and suits. Choose the appropriate length and don’t regret later.
  • Choose bottoms carefully- If one has heavy legs must opt for loosely fitted bottoms. Avoid body hugging salwars, as it gives a bulky look. There are palazzos, flair pants which are meant specially to make people look slimmer and beautiful.
  • Don’t forget the right fabric- Don’t add extra pounds and choose the lightweight fabrics to help you flaunt the curves in the right manner. Not going along with perfect fabric can be a bummer.

Try on surfing the internet for wholesale saree online stores that also have various types of suits fabrics and designs, kurtis and kaftans to get the perfect look.

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