Top 3 Reasons to Hire Cross-Border Financial Advisor

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Moving to another country for work or personal reasons isn’t as easy as you might think. Many individuals move overseas in search of better jobs or livelihood. Whether you’re planning to settle in a far-off nation or thinking about moving to a neighboring country, this transition requires thorough planning and preparation. For those moving to Canada or the United States, it can be comparatively easier to adjust because both these countries have similar cultures and lifestyles. However, whether you’re moving to the USA or taking a job in Canada, dealing with financial and legal matters can be complicated. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to another country for only a few years or planning to settle down there, it’s crucial to think about tax and financial planning.

It is obvious to forget about financial planning initially because most time is spent in handling all the formalities, paperwork, updating the passport, getting a driving license, finding a place to live, and adjusting to the new life. However, once things settle down, you need to think about managing your finances. Every country has different rules and laws and without the help of a professional, you can find it daunting to manage your cross-border finances. From cross-border taxation to retirement benefits, several things need to be taken care of to avoid costly financial mistakes. With that in mind, here’s how a cross-border financial advisor can help you achieve your financial goals.

Benefits of Hiring a Cross-Border Financial Advisor

When moving across borders, you need to consider several things such as tax laws, immigration, real estate and offshore investment, and more. Every person has unique financial needs which mean you need a customized financial plan that suits your specific cross-border financial goals. Whether you are taking up permanent or temporary residence in another country, a qualified financial advisor can help you with cross-border taxation and investment management.

Canadian moving to the USA or American citizens moving to Canada need specialized cross-border planning services. Only a financial advisor can evaluate their current needs and anticipate their future requirements. Here are some benefits of seeking the services of a financial advisor.

1.      Avoid Double Taxation

If not carefully planned, you may face cross-border tax, wealth, and retirement issues. But with a professional cross-border financial advisor, you can prevent costly financial mistakes and double taxation while complying with the legal rules and regulations. Tax filing is complicated both in the USA and Canada. Only finance professionals know the right procedure to avoid paying taxes in both countries.  To avoid double taxation, a cross-border tax specialist can identify all the tax deductions and credits that you are eligible for. The goal is to reduce your tax liability so that you’re not taxed in multiple countries.

2.      Estate Planning & Wealth Management

A certified financial advisor can also help you with estate planning, wealth management, and retirement planning. High-net-worth individuals have investments and assets in several countries. These affluent families need a detailed tax solution, as well as an estate plan and wealth management services. For those who receive income from international assets and need to manage global investment, it becomes imperative to hire a cross-border advisor.

3.      Avoid Mistakes

Whether you need to file taxes or want to prepare a Will, some mistakes could cost you several dollars in fines and penalties. Legal and financial matters are complicated and a minor error could lead to paying taxes twice or facing a penalty. So, unless you’re an expert in international tax law and tax agreements, hire an expert for preparing your tax return and handling other financial matters.

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