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Almost Every day we have to download something from the internet. But sadly, the browser downloading speed is not too good. So guys, here today I’m with a list of top 5 download managers for your  PC. By using these download managers you can dramatically increase your downloading speed. Read the article fully to choose the best download manager as per your use and PC compatibility.

List of Top 5  Download Manager For PC


JDownloader is the best download manager and at the top position in this list of Top 5 Download Manager For PC.  This download manager is totally free for everyone and we can say perfect for every computer. Its great feature is that it doesn’t serve ads and gives a better user interface. It is a powerful download manager, supporting one-click movie download from sites like filmyzilla. But if you need more feature you may check the 300 sets of the plugins which it offers and supports. One of the best plugins among them is Scheduler Plugin which allows users to download any file at a given time interval. There are also many more plugins. You may go to its plugin section and can take the best for you.

Features Of JDownloader

  • JDownloader gives permission to users to start, stop, and pause any download.
  • It also allows us to set the bandwidth limitation and give a special feature that is auto-extract archives.
  • Users can easily download audio, video, and files from any website easily. Some of the popular websites are Youtube and Vimeo.
  • It supports multiple file downloads at the same time.
  • JDownloader has a huge library of around 300 plugins that make a better user interface.
  • It is a totally ads-free software.

Internet Download Manager(IDM)

IDM which stands for Internet Download Manager is n the second position of this list of Top 5 Download Manager For PC. This is the most popular download manager for pc around the world. It makes very easy to download anything. It intercepts the download links and allows users to download the file easily. This is the best feature of this software. It gives a small box above any video which we serf anywhere in the browser. By clicking on the box we can easily download the video in desired video quality.

Features Of Internet Download Manager(IDM)


  • Internet Download Manager(IDM) has the ability to pause & resume download.
  • It allows multiple files to download in parallel.
  • IDM has the fastest speed of downloading.
  • It supports many popular video hosting websites where we can easily download any video instantly like Youtube.
  • IDM does not display ads.

Ninja Download Manager

On no. third here is Ninja Download Manager. It is the best download manager for pc in design. Ninja Download Manager is easy to use and handle. It has a great design which makes a perfect match with Windows 10. This software is new in the market. This software also uses to divide the full download in different chunks to give a better downloading speed. The design of this software may attract new young ones. But it is not free software.

Features Of Ninja Download Manager

  • Ninja Download Manager has the best user interface which is easy to handle.
  • It supports multiple file downloads.
  • Ninja Download Manager offers Queuing Download.
  • It gives an inbuilt feature of schedule download.
  • Ninja Download Manager split the downloading files to give a better downloading speed.
  • It does not display ads.

Free Download Manager(FDM)

FDM which stands for Free Download Manager is at the fourth position in our list. As by its name, it is an open-source download manager. The best feature of this software is that like IDM Free Download Manager has also a smart file management system. It is ideal for sites like the pirate bay. It automatically organizes all the downloads and keeps the same type of files in a folder. This means it makes a separate folder for two different types of files like it keeps videos in a file, images in a file, etc. By this feature, our downloads are easily accessible.

Features Of Free Download Manager(FDM)

  • FDM gives a modern user interface and a cool design.
  • It split the downloading file to give a better speed of downloading.
  • FDM has a feature of the auto-organization of files.
  • It supports pausing and resuming.
  • FDM  also offers to download the torrent downloads.
  • It does not display ads and it’s totally free.


EagleGet secured the fifth position in our list of Top 5 Download Manager For PC. It is also a free software which can be easily installed in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. as an extension. This software easily catches the download links when you download the extension of this software in the browser. The best feature of this software is that it has a built-in file integrity verifier and Malware checker. By this inbuilt feature, EagleGet protects our computer from malware and viruses. This software uses multi-threaded technology to speed up user connection. But this software used to give ads in its widget section of the software.

Features Of EagleGet

  • Simple User Interface.
  • It gives speedier download speed.
  • EagleGet also contains resuming and pausing capacity.
  • It also supports Sequential Download.
  • EagleGet has a built-in malware checker that protect your computer from viruses.

This is the full list of Top 5 Download Manager For PC. I hope after reading this article you can choose the best and comfortable for yourself.

Final Words – Best Download Manager For PC

Thanks for reading this article on Top 5 Download Manager For PC. Hope you fully understand and enjoyed this article very much. If you have any questions or opinions regarding any of the above software, you can put your question or opinion in the comment box below. For getting similar tech updates, you can visit TalkJarvis. Stay connected with us to get this type of cool article every day.

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