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Businesses around the world always look for solutions concerning hosting services that are secure and offer them reliability above anything else. The reliability factor alone is a good indicator as to why businesses look towards this aspect. Reliability for business regarding web hosting is like their lifeline if there is little or no reliability attached to such a service, as no one would like to hire such web hosting.

Online security, on the other hand, is the key for all businesses as they research hard about best hosting services in this concern. Security of a website is important, and so as the security for the hosting. When a customer agrees in principle that he is signing up with a hosting service, he is actually giving the rights of his website’s content and everything else to that company. 

The level of security is critical as there are several aspects that they need to put up to make things perfect for their customers. The job of a web hosting service is certainly not easy nowadays as they have to cater to several aspects and features that were non-existent a few years ago. As hackers and any other person with fraudulent intentions try to compromise the security of a website, it is up to the hosting service to provide the kind of security that can take care of several aspects. 

If you are also trying to get the services hosting company, the following are the top five factors concerning the security that you must look into before signing the dotted line. 

  1. Dedicated Firewalls

A simple firewall is provided by most of the operating systems like Windows and Mac. It doesn’t matter about the size and the nature of any business entity looking to get an online presence. As every business needs an extra layer of security so that they can be sure of tackling online attacks that are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous from every aspect. The use of dedicated firewalls is one of the main features that provide robust security to businesses.

Businesses need to find the best servers that are protected by web application firewall that filter out malicious traffic and don’t allow any kind of intrusion in this concern. You can think of dedicated firewalls as an extra layer of security so that any data needs to be filtered out through this, and no one can breach through the security. 

  1. Use of SSL

Secure socket layers (SSL) have been in use for many years now and are an integral part of the data security of any website. For web hosting services, it is essential to offer this to their customers. Virtually all the websites now require SSL certificates, and without them, the security of any website is severely compromised. But how to use SSL and incorporate it on your website if you don’t know anything about it? 

It is the job of the hosting service to offer 1-click free SSL installation so that it can increase the security of the website. By providing SSL security, hosting service, this feature can be termed as one of the protective measures taken by them. For all the https requirements of any company, one-click SSL installation can be the best thing for them if they are a novice related to online data hosting.

  1. IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is a feature that is now being used commonly by all the web hosting services and offered to their customers. It is basically about the controlling and restricting of the users on a particular domain. Through IP whitelisting, a web hosting service lets businesses create a list of IP addresses and ranges through which their customers can use their domains. 

It is also related to the collaboration of networks and regions with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP. IP whitelisting can make businesses deal with only trusted customers. And even if any customer needs to contact them from any other location other than he has defined previously, through IP whitelisting, it is easy for them without having to contact them each time. 

  1. Security Patching

The security of the websites is a major issue that needs to be taken care of all year round. New viruses, trojans, bugs, etc. come out all the time, and businesses need to be wary of them. That’s why security patching after a regular interval is a requirement for every business. The deployment of OS patches on the server by the web hosting services is the icing on the cake. 

This is one of the solutions provided by the hosting companies that are searched and asked quite frequently now by businesses. Along with cloudways reviews, this is one term that is searched extensively and is one of the best features that can make a hosting web service look exclusive and offer the premier solution to their customers. 

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security, TFA offers security for businesses keeping the servers safe from unwanted visitors with malicious intentions. A part of multi-factor authentication, there are several aspects in which a user is only granted access to a server or website after providing two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism. The process’s last step related to the mechanism is knowledge, possession, and inheritance.  

If you are not sure of two-factor authentications, this is because not many hosting services offered this to their customers. That’s why if you find a hosting service which offers two-factor or multi-factor authentication to its customers, then you can dream that company as a reliable and seasoned player in this concern. 

It is interesting to note that after I have described reliability at the start of this blog, this factor again comes into play right at the end. That’s why reliability and security come hand in hand and are both very important for checking the features and solutions offered by a hosting service. 

Final Word

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