Top 5 Sites For Sharing Short and Animated Gifs

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If you’re looking to share short and animated Gifs with friends and family, there are plenty of places to post them. Reddit, Giphy, Tumblr, and other social networks are great options, but there are also other sites you can use to share animated GIFs.


GIFs have become one of the most popular ways to express yourself, and Reddit has now added a GIF feature to chat. The company says that users have responded well to the feature, and that it has improved engagement. This feature has been available to select users for a year, and the site has partnered with GIPHY to include the GIFs in their comment streams. It is unclear whether GIPHY will be part of the Meta, but its integration is a big deal for Reddit users.

Reddit is open to all subjects and cultures, and the site allows users to share links and images. The site even has directories for animated Gifs. The website was previously in a partnership with Imgur, but decided to host their own content in 2016.

Reddit is a great place to find funny, trending video clips. There are literally hundreds of clips to choose from, and you can download an HD version to post on social networks. Reddit also offers an option to copy the animated image link or embed code. Reddit is one of the most popular sites for sharing short and animated GIFs. However, you may need to register on the site to access the best GIFs, or join a community to download trending GIFs.

Reddit also features a unique feature: the ability to make anyone on the site an administrator. The “admin” function on Reddit allows users to ban other users for 24 hours, edit comments, and delete votes. Some users have used this privilege to abuse it.


Giphy, one of the top sites for sharing short and animated Gifs, recently filed for bankruptcy because of a drop in gif popularity. In their filing, the company cited declining interest in the short animated videos, which are difficult to create and don’t work well on mobile devices.

Giphy is a relatively new site, but has quickly become a popular site for users. It began as a simple search engine for GIFs, and has grown to attract 1 million users in just a week. This site also allows users to post GIFs to social networks such as Facebook. Within its first year of operation, Giphy was recognized as one of the top 100 sites in the world and acquired several other companies.

Giphy offers one of the largest collections of short and animated GIFs and has an excellent toolset for uploading them. It accepts various file types and automatically converts them to GIFs. Another feature is the ability to select a portion of a video and add custom captions.

Users can also upload videos directly to Giphy by clicking the UPLOAD button or green plus symbol on their computer. Once uploaded, users can use Giphy’s GIF Maker tools to crop, add text, add filters and stickers. Once finished, the GIFs can be shared on social media sites or embedded in email messages.

Another site popular for GIFs is Imgur. Its library contains new uploads as well as classic favorites from the 2010s. Users can search for funny movies and edits, and share their own GIFs with the world. This is an excellent way to make strangers laugh, as well as earn a spot on the leaderboard.


If you’re looking for a way to share GIFs, Redgif is a great tool to help you find and share your favorite animated images. The site is constantly updating with new content, and it has a special curated section called Redgif Picks. The site also has a search feature, so it’s easy to find GIFs based on a specific theme.

Redgif is a good alternative to other popular sites. It offers a desktop application and browser extension, making it easy to share GIFs with your friends. The site is also popular on Reddit, a popular social networking site. People can post links to animated GIFs with ease, and it has a diverse community of users and subreddits.

Redgif is a great site for sharing short and animated GIFs. It is free and allows users to share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to blogs that upload new GIFs every day. You can also upload NSFW GIFs to Redgif.

Another great site for sharing animated GIFs is Imgflip. This website is great for creating short GIFs because you can customize them with text, stickers, drawings, and animations. Once you have completed your creation, you can share your creations with the community.

Redgif also has a feature that lets users create animated GIFs from videos. The site also offers a built-in editor, which lets you customize the animation and add special effects. Redgif is free to use, but you may need to register to upload animated images.

Another site that allows users to share animated GIFs is Giphy. Giphy, a site that allows users to create and share animated GIFs, has over one billion GIFs every day and hundreds of millions of users. Its success is a testament to its popularity and ease of use.


Tumblr is one of the most popular social networking sites for sharing animated GIFs. Its huge library contains both newly uploaded GIFs and classics. Many of the GIFs on Tumblr are handcrafted by their creators. Users can also search for GIFs by hashtag or subscribe to GIF-related blogs.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by David Karp. It is a mix of micro-blogging and social networking, with over 500 million blogs and over fifteen million daily posts. Aside from GIFs, Tumblr hosts quotes, photos, audio, videos, and Asks categories.

One of the most popular ways to share short and animated GIFs on Tumblr is through the site’s editor. This feature lets users edit their GIFs with tools like speed, color, and caption. They can also zoom in and out of the GIF, and make it bounce back. Users can also highlight the GIF and add a caption and tag to it.

The GIF has become an internet lingua franca. In 2014, the Museum of the Moving Image put on an exhibit featuring reaction GIFs. This exhibition was called Moving Image as Gesture. David Hayes, the head of creative strategy at Tumblr, said that “GIFs are the file format of the internet generation.” In the same year, Tumblr received 23 million GIF-based posts.

Another great feature of Tumblr is its GIF creator. It does not require you to download an external GIF creation program or make any special settings to upload GIFs to Tumblr. The platform also features a feature that allows users to convert images or videos into GIFs before posting them.

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