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In today’s time, significant growth can be seen in web application development technologies. There are various options available that cater to the requirements of web application development.  But as per the latest trend, it has been seen that enterprises are now turning to .NET Core, (which is an open-source technology), because of the various benefits it provides when it comes to application development.

However, Java and PHP used to be the first options for many companies, but now to give a strong digital presence to their company, .NET Core seems to be an ideal replacement for many enterprises.

Here are the top reasons to choose .NET Core for enterprise applications development:

Razor Pages

The ability to do Razor Pages is the anew addition in tothe .NET Core features. The purpose of adding this element is to make the programming page-focused scenarios more productive. It can also be called as a page-based coding model that enables developers to create a web UI with added efficiency. In short, the application developed using this framework can be managed effectively, which wasn’t the case with ASP.NET MVC framework as there the controller classes involved dealing with a large number of actions. Also, it is less complex as each application page is self-contained with its own view, and here codes are promptly properlyorganized together.

The MVC Architecture

.NET Core framework comes with MVC architecture which makes developer’s work easier. They can code, compile, and test any aspect of the application development process in either model. Since this helps in improving their efficiency, so it affects directly affects on the project. Thus, enterprise applications can be developed that will perfectly cater to every demand of the business. And since, the developers don’t have to be concerned about IsPostBack&ViewState all the time, so they can build the applications in their natural workflow and that too, with improved efficiency. Also, the testing can be performed taking different concerns into account; thus, the final application is way better than it used to be.

Cross-Platform Support

.NET Core is a cross-platform framework which implies that applications developed using this platform can run flawlessly on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Also, it gives developers the freedom to choose the OS as per their convenience.

Ending Note

These were the top reasons why enterprises to turn towards .NET Core for enterprise application development. This cross-platform framework for creating web applications is innovative and convenient. It not only benefits the companies, but it also makes the work of developers far easier. The web applications created on .NET Core are highly functional and have proved profitable for the enterprises. The only thing that you need to be concerned about is taking help fromfinding a reliable .NET Development Company that can provide you with an end to end solution.

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