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Instagram Launches Instagram Reels As Tiktok Alternative

Sprout Social

For regular Instagram users, the ability to schedule posts ahead of time is a fantastic feature. You can schedule Instagram posts without worrying about creating them in real-time. Buy Instagram Followers UK

This allows you to create the content that your followers want over and over again.

Sprout IG Top Posts Report

Sprout Social allows you to manage your Instagram media.
Do not let your efforts in creating Insta-perfect images waste! Use Sprout’s Asset Library for images, video, and text asset management.

Keep campaign images that have been curated and approved on hand for team members. You can also repurpose images across social networks to make the most of your content.

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Instagram Photo Apps

Smartphones have made us all amateur photographers. But that doesn’t mean that we can take flawless photos.

Many editing apps can help you do everything from adding text overlays and effects to your photos to touching them up.


BeFunky, a web-based photo editor tool, is perfect for editing photos and creating graphics. You can crop, resize and tilt your images, soften, sharpen 2nd, and many other editing options.

You don’t need to create an account to get the free version.

BeFunky is an Instagram photo editing app that allows you to robust your photos.


Sometimes an otherwise perfect photo needs some minor editing. PicMonkey can be used to fix selfies. It allows users to remove wrinkles or reduce shine. PicMonkey’s “Adjustments” feature, for example, is excellent for creating stunning, landscape-style photos.

PicMonkey’s motion blur function in action

Adobe Aviary

Adobe editors are trusted to edit your photos.

Aviary is an easy-to-use yet powerful Instagram app that offers many one-touch options. Although it may not seem much, creative touches such as softening, sharpening, or playing with the saturation can make your photos pop.

Aviary also offers the unique ability to suggest edits for you.

Aviary offers suggestions to Instagram users for editing their photos


You don’t need to know how to make social graphics. Canva offers many templates to help you create inspirational images, text-based photographs, announcements, and everything else.

Canva offers a range of templates to help you create creative Instagram posts


Infographics are a popular topic on Facebook and Twitter, so why not Instagram? Piktochart provides you with beautiful templates to help you reach your followers with data-driven posts.

Piktochart offers a variety of templates for creating Instagram infographics.


Framatic, downloaded over 20 million times, is another popular Instagram app to enhance your photos. You can instantly apply 92 effects to your photos with the app, which includes 36 customizable Instagram layouts and 32 vintage borders.

Framatic is an easy and quick editing tool for Instagram.

Landscape by Sprout social

The landscape is Sprout’s own social media image resizing tool.

It works like this:
Upload any image you wish to share on Instagram.
Select the post size you would like to create.
Guide the cropping.
You now have a new optimized image that you can download.

Landscape by Sprout Social makes it easy to resize Instagram photos
Once you crop the images to your specifications, please share them with your Instagram followers!

Square Size

Square Sized is one of the most downloaded resizing applications. It allows users to import photos from their albums or Facebook and optimize them for Instagram. You can also edit newly sized photos.

Square Sized is an Instagram app that allows you to resize photos.

No Crop and Square

This app allows you to upload full-sized photos on Instagram without cropping. You can also add stickers and filters to your resized photos to make them more creative.

No Crop and Square makes it simple to resize videos

Instagram Layout

The layout is Instagram’s collage maker. You can make collages with photos you have taken right away or from your camera roll. Instagram Layout offers a variety of creative tools, such as traditional Instagram filters that can be used to enhance your collages.

The layout is Instagram’s collage maker


Linux is currently used by millions of people across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It features 90 customizable templates, 54 borders, and 20 photo effects.

Lipid is an Instagram app that allows you to create collages quickly and easily.
Video apps for Instagram
Videos are no longer limited to short clips of 15 seconds. They allow you to express your creativity on Instagram. The good news is that you don’t need to be a Hollywood star to make a great Instagram video. The good news? To create a great-looking Instagram video, you don’t have to be Scorsese or Spielberg. Thanks to today’s apps, you can do it all.


Boomerang, Instagram’s native video editor, allows you to create small videos that look much like GIFs.

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