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Track Your Fitness At One Click With HealthRx

As per a health risk assessment survey report, lifestyle-related diseases are steadily on the rise in India. The report suggests that about 62% of the surveyed individuals were borderline or at high risk of contracting lifestyle diseases in the assessment spectrum. In this regard, common lifestyle diseases include hypertension, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and a myriad of other ailments resulting from unhealthy daily lifestyle choices of individuals.

Now, unlike several other types of ailments, lifestyle diseases are easily preventable by adopting healthy habits. One of the most essential healthcare tips in this regard would be to integrate a fitness regime in one’s daily schedule.

Furthermore, with the emergence of apps like HealthRx, individuals can also track their fitness at one click, thus making it easier to lead a healthier life.

Following is a look at how you can track your fitness easily through this app, alongside other measures you can adopt to keep your health from taking a backseat.

How to track fitness through HealthRx?

The HealthRx app by Bajaj Finserv is a one-stop solution for an individual’s healthcare needs. It is among the most efficient platforms to keep track of one’s fitness and well-being, proffering users with multiple health-related services.

To track your fitness through this app, begin with app installation on your smartphone. It can be done in the following few steps – 

  1. Download the app on your Android phone or iPhone from the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.
  2. After installation, enter your contact number when prompted.
  3. You can log in to the app after entering the OTP received on your provided contact number.
  4. Enter details like your name, gender, age, etc. to start using the app.

On successful registration with the app, click on the option marked ‘health score’ to track your fitness based on your gender and daily lifestyle choices to receive a health risk assessment.

You will have to answer several questions based on your lifestyle, job, physiology, eating habits, mental state, etc. Once provided, your personalised health score will be calculated based on the assessment of the information provided. Alongside your score, you will also receive healthcare tips for the betterment of your lifestyle, body and mind.

Apart from this, you can visit the ‘My Health’ option on the app’s home page and click on ‘Lifestyle tracker’ to set goals for your weight, sleep, drinking and smoking habits for healthy lifestyle propagation. On the same page, you will find options like track BMI and vitals, lifestyle and health history, to take note of a few of the most important aspects of staying fit.

With such functionalities, the HealthRx app can help individuals be aware of, track, and achieve their fitness goals, and subsequently reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases.

What are the other benefits of this app?

The Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app, apart from being a reliable fitness tracker, also proffers several other benefits to users. Some of these are as follows – 

  • Offers personalised health plans

Users can avail a plethora of personalised plans through the app that will allow them to seek services pertaining to medical consultation, full-body check-up, health insurance, etc.

  • Helps locate nearest doctors and book appointments

Users can track down the nearest doctors in their vicinity through their name, specialisation, clinic name, or even the health symptoms that need to be diagnosed. Furthermore, they can also make appointments through the app, and thus eliminate the hassle of waiting in long queues at clinics.

  • Stores medical records for ready availability

Individuals can choose to upload lab test results, prescriptions, health records, etc. to the app and access them whenever necessary. It helps to do away with the hassle of keeping track of all the paperwork at all times and makes them readily available for improved diseases diagnosis and treatment.

  • Schedules medicine and vaccination reminders

Users can schedule reminders for their daily medication as well as keep an account of vaccination for their children through this app.

With such benefits and more, the app makes a plethora of healthcare services available in just a few clicks. One can easily utilise this platform to propagate overall fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Treatment of lifestyle diseases

While the HealthRx app makes healthcare tips and services more accessible, the affordability of treatment for lifestyle-related diseases like cancer, heart attack has also been considerably boosted in recent years.

With financial institutions bringing the health card into the market, individuals can now affordably avail diagnostic care and treatment for lifestyle diseases without worrying about the ensuing bills. Its scope of utility also extends to many other essential and non-essential medical care.

With cards like the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card, individuals can pay for healthcare bills in No-Cost EMIs over a flexible tenor of up to 24 months. By doing so, one can defer the immediate financial burden resulting from medical expenditures to quite an extent.

Benefits of this health card are available for over 800 treatments, in more than 5,500 partner outlets across 1,000+ cities in the country, thus making healthcare much more affordable and accessible.

Thus, individuals can leverage digital proficiency for improved health and well-being by availing the combined assistance of the HealthRx app and the health card. They can not only track their fitness but also affordably avail advanced medical care for timely disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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