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Complete guide to traveling with your dog

Traveling with a dog is not easy . However, many people want to share their adventures with their dear furry friends.

Since I met her in Alicante , I follow the adventures of an Italian girl who left everything she had and launched to discover the world in her motor home . She travels with her pet, Spritz, a small Yorkshire Terrier who, for the life of freedom and care he leads, must be one of the happiest dogs in the world. However, she plays with the advantage of having a motor home, where she can take whoever she wants and whenever she wants without giving explanations.

Traveling with dogs gets a little more complicated if you take other means of transportation . For those who want to share their adventures with their beloved animals, here is this complete guide for traveling with dogs or other pets .

Essential elements for traveling with dogs

Before analyzing the different means of transport in which you can travel with a dog, you have to think about all the things you should bring to the trip so that they feel comfortable next to you:

This is one of the things you cannot forget if you are going to travel with your dog.

Your pet must wear the collar at all times and it must contain important information, such as the animal’s name and your contact details, in case it gets lost.
If you are traveling with a dog, you should carry it on a leash whenever it is outside the cage or carrier buy belts from 4knines. This must be so even if we are talking about the best trained pet in the world.

Carrier or cage
If you are traveling by plane with your dog, it must have its cage or carrier. In fact, most airlines don’t allow pets to ride free with you in the seat. In addition, carriers usually facilitate transitions between transports , since you do not have to take your pet out, put a leash on it, etc. You put the carrier in a luggage cart, you push, and voila!

Waste bags
You already know that your obligation when you are walking your dog, as an owner, is to clean the waste that is left on the road. When traveling with your pet, things obviously don’t change.

Complete guide to traveling with your dog

When you travel with your dog, you need to keep him busy with something , so don’t forget to bring him some toys to have fun with. Additionally, this can alleviate the stress and anxiety that many animals may experience while traveling.

Food and water
Traveling can be very tiring for both humans and pets. So, if you are on a long-haul flight, remember to give your dog some food according to his usual feeding schedule . Also, it doesn’t hurt to spoil him with some prizes (his favorite treats) to keep him happy during the trip.

You should also keep in mind that, as happens to humans, dogs and other pets also suffer from dry air in the cabin , so you must give them water to keep them hydrated.

Once you have made sure that you have all the equipment ready to travel with your dog, here are some tips applicable to each type of trip:

Tips for flying with dogs

Know the problems your dog can have when traveling by plane
Not all pets face an airplane trip in the same way – from the point of view of their health, and may suffer injuries or even die. For example, animals with flattened faces , such as Persian cats or bulldogs, suffer major problems when the air contains less oxygen . They can even suffer from heat stroke and die.

Ask the airline questions about traveling with pets

Are pets allowed in the cabin? Do you need any specific type of dog transport? Are there any restrictions to transport a dog in the hold? (although it is not the most advisable)… Do not stay with any doubt.

Book your flight with an airline that allows you to travel with your dog in the cabin
There are several airlines that allow you to travel with your dog in the cabin of the plane. However, you should arrange this with them before the day of the flight , as there is a limit to the number of animals on each flight.

Also, by talking to them you can ensure that your dog meets their size requirements.

Ultimately, please read the information about the airline’s policy regarding traveling with pets carefully.

Choose direct flights
The less time you fly with your dog, the less stress it will get. This tip gets a lot of weight, especially if you have had to put it in the hold of the plane.

Don’t forget the weather
For example, if you are going to travel with your dog in summer, try to do it in the early hours of the morning, to save it from the extreme heat. The opposite occurs in winter.

Book your trip with the best tools in order of priority:

Compare flight prices

  • Choose your preferred hotel
  • The essential travel insurance
  • Compare prices to rent a car
  • Tours and excursions
  • The best cruise deals
  • Find the best travelers bargains
  • Take them to relieve themselves before the flight

The vast majority of airports have areas where animals can relieve themselves before boarding . As it happens to us, they will also feel better traveling like this.

Train your dog a little
If you are traveling by plane with your dog, it may not be a bad idea to teach him, before doing so, some sounds that planes make and that you will find at the airport.

Also, you can get him used to spending some time in the carrier or cage.

Traveling on the road with your dog

Plan rest stops
Even if you don’t drive, your dog will also tire and will need you to make a stop while traveling together. In addition, you can relieve yourself outside the vehicle.

Put your dog in the back seat
When traveling with your dog in a car, you must put it in the back seat and inside its cage or carrier, which must be secured with the belt.

Don’t let your dog look out the window
It is a classic that we see many times, but they run the risk of an accident or that the cold air causes a good constipation.

Never leave your dog alone in the car
It may seem to you that a one-moment stop does not pose any risk, however it is not a good idea. In summer, for example, the interior of the vehicle’s interior can reach a very high temperature in a few minutes. The same, but with the cold, it happens in winter.

Traveling by train with a dog
It is difficult to write some common rules for traveling with your dog by train, since the regulations vary greatly, not only between one country and another, but between regions of the same country.

Traveling by boat with a dog
Except for assistance dogs for people with disabilities, other pets are not usually allowed to travel on tourist boats.

However, there are a few cruise companies that do not prohibit traveling with pets.

To find out the policy of a specific shipping company, the best thing you can do is call and ask.

Finally, before you start traveling with your dog, make a visit to the vet to make sure that he is in good enough health to start the journey with you . Also, make sure that you take with you all the medications that you may need and that they have given all the necessary vaccinations to travel to the country, or countries, that appear in your road book.

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