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Trump regrets using twitter

Washington: President Donald Trump regrets some of his controversial tweets and retweets. Trump told Dave Portnoy, the founder of the Barstool Sports website, in an interview released on Friday that it was “too often” that he woke up and thought he shouldn’t have spread something on Twitter.

Trump went on to say, “But we don’t do that on Twitter.” Instead, things are posted there immediately. Then they feel great until the calls come up asking if you really said that. “I say,” What’s wrong with that? “And you can find a lot of things.” Trump added: “It’s not the tweets, it’s the retweets that get you in trouble.” When asked if he loved Twitter said the President: “There are times when I love it. Sometimes too much. ”Trump follows 84 million users on Twitter.

Trump said Twitter gave him a powerful voice and was very important to him. His Twitter account @realdonaldtrump belongs to him and will remain his property even after he leaves office. But he did not know whether he would still use it afterwards.

Trump is running for a second term in the November election. Pandemic has changed the stressful situation – Twitter has been the president’s primary communications platform for years. His tweets and retweets keep causing controversy.

The White House justifies itself

For example, Trump came in for criticism late last month when he retweeted a Florida video that one of his supporters called “White Power” – in contrast to the “Black Power” movement against discrimination against blacks.

Trump had written “great people”. He then deleted the tweet again. The White House said Trump did not hear the statement, but only noticed the enthusiasm of his followers.

Twitter had warned Trump of a tweet from Trump at the end of May in protests against racism and police violence following the death of African American Georg Floyd in Minneapolis , because the post violated the ban on glorifying violence on the service. Trump had written in the tweet about the riots in Minneapolis: “When the looting begins, there will be shooting” – “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

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