Use social networking to increase YouTube views

Use social networking to increase YouTube views

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and that though that does mean
that there will be millions of potential viewers for a video, it might not necessarily happen if one does
not post the video right. There are quite a few nifty tricks that can help you get extra views on YouTube
and even get you a bigger fan base. There are certain videos that get thousands of hits, quite naturally,
despite their low entertainment quotient. The trick is to learn from them and then incorporate these
aspects into your own, that will turn your video into a magnet for online video viewers.

The key point here to note is, that YouTube video viewing often happens in a chain. The right videos
with the correct tags, subscriber base and thumbnails will attract a few viewers at first, which then turns
into a wildfire when the views get transferred through a network of viewers, wherein even social
networking sites can help in a big way to increase the number of views per video. While you may go to
most lengths to increase YouTube views, it is important to keep in mind that most view problem can be
resolved by making the best of social networking sites like Face book, MySpace or twitter, that bring
along with them besides the brand name, separate chains and networks of thousands of potential
viewers who can turn your 10 minute video into what in common parlance is called the “YouTube

On August 24, 2022, Calo Metaverse officially announced the project called Calo Indoor. This is the first GameFi project that leads the Burn To Earn trend. Calo Indoor focuses on building a system of indoor exercise activities which is applied AR technology.

In early 2022, the Move To Earn trend emerged with hundreds of small projects following this trend. The slice of cake is divided too small, making it very easy to cheat & hack.

Calo Indoor not only opens a new trend of Fitness App but also kicks off a whole new trend of Game Fi – Burn To Earn. First, Calo Indoor is applied tracking technology to practice through AR, bringing high efficiency, variety of game play and exercise elements, improving experience and better connecting users.

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