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Virtual Reality

Video production companies have been in high demand. The average internet user absolutely loves video content and there is constant research and innovations in video production methods to meet this demand. Be it 4K videos or aerial drone videos – video production has become a crucial marketing tool. As mobile video consumption increases every year, trends in video production keep changing. Discussed below are the top 5 trends in video production at the moment –

1.   Virtual Reality

Companies like Apple, Samsung and Google have heavily invested in virtual reality technology. Making VR videos ready for mass consumption is a priority for top hardware developers as well. Using virtual reality videos is an innovative way for companies to communicate with their audiences in a unique way so a lot of top companies are cashing in on this.


2.   Cinema graphs

Cinema graph is another video production trend which allows a lot of room for creativity. A cinema graph is a synthesis of photography with films that allows producers to narrate a story visually in unique ways. They can be either created from a sequence of images or an audio-visual edited to play in a continuous loop. Cinema graphs are broadly being used as a tool for online advertising campaigns. For instance, a cinema graph was recently produced for the car company Mercedes Benz, which influenced an increase in brand attractiveness. That one cinema graph has been reused in other ad campaigns for the companies. Cinema graphs can be easily shared on platforms like –
Social media websites
Email marketing
Digital Commercials


The drone industry itself is valued at over $3 billion worldwide. With the rise in the use of drones for photography and videography, the industry is expected to cross the $90 billion mark in the next ten years. Aerial videography with the use of drones has several advantages –
It is a fully automated process, hence extremely cheap
Drones have a steady camera that can provide hours of footage
Aerial footage is the perfect way for brands to offer their customers something unique in terms of content
Be it wedding shoots or seminars, videos shot on drones are cheap to produce and in demand at the moment.

4. 4K Videos

4K or Ultra High Definition videos are the benchmark for modern video production. 4K technology allows for improved pixel density. It enables video producers to capture the finest details while providing amazing colour depth. The quality is far better compared to standard HD technology. With 4K videos, you get
·       More efficient image post-processing
·       More possibilities for editing each picture frame

5. GoPro Cameras

The main advantage of using these cameras is the fact that they are portable, easily attachable and affordable. They also provide amazing resolution and frame-rate options.
With demand for video content on the rise, Video Production is definitely a worthwhile area of investment for marketing. Avail the video creation services of Marketing Sweet and get assistance from some of the world’s leading video experts.

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