Video surveillance at the service of business optimization

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Video surveillance at the service of business optimization

One utility of installing a video surveillance system often ignored but nevertheless colossal, is the use of a video surveillance system in order to optimize the sales of a store. This still little known technique is no less revolutionary. You cannot imagine how making a strategy like this can save you money.

Thanks to these cameras, you will be able to study the progress of your customers, in a store where the place where you position this or that type of product is a major issue. To determine which shelf or advertising layout is the most beneficial for your activities, you therefore need to install a suitable video Surveillance Camera.

 Such a video surveillance system can inform you of the behavior of your customers such as:

  • Where does your customer go first when they enter your store?
  • Which departments are they most likely to visit?
  • What are the items that are most often viewed and then rested (due to too high a price, for example)?
  • What is the share of customers who leave your store without having bought anything?

The answers to these questions will allow you to draw up a reliable diagnosis of your activities, and to directly remedy any problems with traffic or organization of the store. This will also allow you to better position your promotions. Place them in the most visited departments.

Such a system will also allow you to monitor the activities of your employees and the relationship they have with your customers. This will help you prevent theft, endless breaks, poor storage or delays, while assessing whether some of your employees are chasing away customers because of their antipathy. The benefits of this type of installation are therefore multiple, and the additional gains will quickly recoup your investment. The interest of such a system also rests on the fact that it does not require any particular installation but only an adaptation or an extension of your already installed video surveillance system to prevent burglaries and thefts for example.

What is the best video surveillance system?

The best video surveillance system is the video surveillance system that best fits the needs of your infrastructure and the protection needed for you and your customers. A pharmacist will install a video surveillance system which will be perfect for his activity, but which will appear ineffective and useless to a property manager for example.

When you equip yourself with a video surveillance system, call on professionals to assess the weaknesses of your home or business before even calling on a camera installation company, or call on a installation of cameras that will guide you by offering an analysis of your needs.

How can a video surveillance system protect your hotel against lawsuits, scams and theft?

Hotels are subject to a number of significant risks, the repercussions of which are particularly difficult to manage. Indeed, considered as secure places or as home extensions, customers are all the more attentive to the risks they run there. In addition, a hotel is an establishment particularly sensitive to its reputation. The slightest security breach can, as such, decrease its fragmentation because of a bad comment on a travel site for example. Protecting your hotel by installing a video surveillance system is therefore essential, and will allow you to avoid scams, theft and burglary.

The hotels are also infrastructures that offer several types of spaces subject to very different risks. The bath-shower or spa area will, for example, be subject to risks very different from the risks found at reception or in the rooms. Here are the risks to which your hotel is subject, and for which it is advantageous to install a video Surveillance Camera.

 Risks of falls

It is important that you pay attention to the differences in floors, floors and coverings and the dangers associated with them. Certain customers being aware of this inherent weakness in the very structure of an establishment of this type, placing video surveillance cameras will allow you both to identify the risk areas, to react quickly in case of slippery ground because wet for example , and being able to challenge an insurance scam and a fraudulent lawsuit.

 The aggression’s

Whether committed by your customers themselves or by people outside your hotel, assaults are common in hotels. Indeed, many very different people are concentrated in a small space by sharing parts of common lives there. Conflicts are not uncommon and sometimes lead to the questioning of management by the hotel or a misplaced reaction from its security service and Surveillance Camera.


Even though most reservations are now paid by credit card, many people, especially those passing through, continue to pay for their rooms in cash. Burglars being aware of this, they also know that reception is not protected since it must facilitate the entry of customers. Place video surveillance cameras around your hotel.

Following these tips should allow you to identify the protection needs of your hotel, which you will then communicate to a competent CCTV in Chicago Installation Company. This type of installation will reduce the risk that your reputation will be damaged forever, wherever you end up having to pay thousands of dollars in damages to repair a simulated fall.

How to choose a video surveillance system for your business?

When you buy a video surveillance system for a company, there are certain points that you must imperatively study to avoid making mistakes. Many CEOs or security officials buy poorly installed, improperly installed CCTV systems with cameras in the wrong place.

 What is the best video surveillance system for your business?

The video surveillance system simply depends on the type of activity you want to protect.

If you want to monitor a clothing store for example, you will install video surveillance cameras to limit:

  • Theft by your employees
  • Theft of items by customers
  • The scams
  • Armed robbery
  • Theft of machines or furniture

Installing video surveillance cameras will also allow you to check how your employees behave with your customers.

If you manage real estate, priority will be given to the protection of residents and the integrity of your residences themselves.

The main issue is then to identify the sensitive areas of your activities and to choose cameras adapted to their surveillance. For example:

  • A hotel or restaurant will need to be able to discern the numbers from a license plate of a vehicle parked in front.
  • A bank will have to focus its protection on hidden places in the building.
  • A church will have to watch over its most precious objects rather than its entrance.
  • It is in the interest of a hospital or a school to monitor the comings and goings.
  • Surveillance Camera

The reasons why the installation of a video surveillance system may be desired are, as we have seen, as numerous as the types of property or people to be monitored.

Before you set up any system, you must therefore clearly identify your needs. A clear statement of your requirements will allow your vendor and installer to determine which systems are the most recommended. Here are a few examples:

A wireless video surveillance system: effective if you want it to be discreet and if you want to minimize maintenance.

A video surveillance system by wires: more dissuasive for burglars and more reassuring for your customers.

Wide-angle cameras: in case you just want to detect a type of activity or passage.

Cameras with reduced field but whose resolution is very good: in case you want to be able to read numbers on a license plate or recognize a face.

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This list, far from being exhaustive, will be completed by your salesperson, with whom you should not go with an already precise idea of ​​what you need. Explaining your needs to them and letting them determine which system is most beneficial will be much more useful to your business.

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