Waste Presses: 5 Advantages That Companies Cannot Overlook

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The waste presses are a strategic solution to optimize the management of waste in your company. In any sector you are operating, you can compact paper, cardboard, expanded polystyrene or plastic and treat them effectively and economically.

Waste management and transportation are a great challenge for the environment and for your business, but it is often underestimated. So, while carefully adjusting every mechanism of your sales process, without realizing it, you are throwing part of the revenues together with your waste.

In this article we are going to see the 5 main advantages that waste presses can bring to your business, the corporate image and the environment in which you live and work.

Waste presses: compact company waste to optimize resources

As an entrepreneur you have many things to think about, to better manage your company. There are collaborators to manage, investments to evaluate, costs to contain and customers to make happy.

The management of business waste may seem a trivial matter, and time is never enough to also deal with waste disposal. However, it’s a sneaky problem that impacts your warehouse’s operational efficiency and drains valuable resources every day.

Think about how much space handling packaging waste is taking up in the warehouse. Metal containers and baskets to collect and differentiate paper and cardboard from plastic and polystyrene scraps from the packaging. And how many other types of waste does your company produce?

The waste management is essential, but not enough.

The waste presses are an effective solution for compacting and managing waste. They are an investment that recovers quickly and that brings numerous advantages : here are 5, and you will see that the fifth will leave you stunned.

# 1 They reduce operating costs

The management of corporate waste contributes to an increase in operating costs of your business. The waste presses compress waste materials and minimize their volume, even up to 80%.

Reducing the accumulation of waste means that you will have less waste to eliminate, less human resources involved in emptying the containers, less bins scattered around the company to be controlled. There are presses and compactors suitable for every need.

If your company produces waste that needs to be transported to landfills, to be disposed of according to the law, a waste press can save you many trips. By compressing waste you will need a number of collections reduced to the bare minimum and you can save time and transport costs.

# 2 they improve the efficiency of warehouse operations

How long do your employees waste on waste management? These are hours of work that do not produce opportunities for your business. When waste management is planned, you get the maximum savings possible. However, in addition to the waste itself, it is necessary to analyze all the operational processes of your warehouse.

Freeing up valuable space to facilitate daily activities improves the logistical approach. How often do your employees have to transport the waste to deposit it in the appropriate containers?

If the management is distributed over several warehouses, the costs rise even more: continuous coming and going to transport waste increases management costs, wastes time and obliges you to use human resources that could carry out more productive activities.

The presence of waste presses, suitably installed in strategic locations of the company, reduces internal transport , the probability of accidents and saves time and money.

# 3 They increase safety and hygiene in the workplace

Traditional waste management systems force you to use bins and containers that seem full even when they are not. The waste ends up overflowing and, in addition to an unpleasant aesthetic impact, which makes your company look disorganized, can become an obstacle for your employees.

Inadequate management of waste materials can sometimes lead to serious accidents in the workplace: why invest resources in possible lawsuits or in the treatment of illnesses and injuries suffered by employees?

And don’t forget that there are wastes that can cause dangerous hygiene complications : they release bad smells and attract parasites. In the case of warehouses used for the storage of food products, restaurants, or large shopping centers, this is a serious problem, which requires particular attention.

Waste presses and compactors allow you to store waste in an orderly way, and guarantee a healthy and safe business environment.

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# 4 Easy to use and cheap to maintain

The waste presses are easy to use, designed to ensure maximum safety for your employees and require minimal maintenance. They represent a safe investment that lasts over time.

Since nothing has to be planned to be then left to itself, the presses must also be cleaned when they are emptied and, at least once a year, require maintenance. With ordinary and scheduled interventions it is possible to extend the life of your waste presses , just as you take care of the machinery necessary to carry out normal production activities.

If you include a solution to compact waste in your company’s management process, you will see how easy it is to optimize internal resources and guarantee greater productivity. It’s amazing how corporate waste management, such an underestimated problem, can offer you many benefits if managed efficiently.

Choosing the right waste press for your business may not be easy. Do you need a paper press? A carton press? Or, of a plastic press? In this article we help you find the waste presses that best suit your needs, to compact different types of waste: Compacting presses – how to choose the right one .

# 5 improves the image of your company

The compaction of waste is one of the best ways to minimize the negative effects of waste on the environment. In the future, no company will find favor with business partners and consumers if it ignores this important aspect.

Consumers are oriented towards companies that have a defined purpose, operate with respect for environmental sustainability and whose image reflects their ethical values. This is what emerges from the study ” From Me to We: The Rise of the Purpose-led Brand ” conducted by Accenture Strategy. 7 out of 10 interviewees confirm that they approach a brand only if they are able to share values ​​that protect the environment .

The world in which your company operates is increasingly attentive to social and environmental sustainability. Adopting eco-compatible strategies strengthens the corporate image and allows you to have a competitive advantage . So, the use of waste presses in your business, as part of a complete waste disposal system, is good for the environment and for your business.

Do you want to be part of a chain of desirable companies or do you want to be left on the edge of an ethical business revolution that is rapidly advancing?

Waste presses: waste management at the service of your business

Making the waste management process efficient is possible and brings with it valuable advantages for your business. Compacting waste facilitates waste management and makes it incredibly cheaper and safer.

There is a waste press suitable for your situation, however unique it may seem to you. Corpseed can supply you with a wide range of industrial presses and compactors for waste , both indoors and outdoors, based on the type of waste you need to treat:

  • presses for paper and cardboard;
  • packaging presses;
  • plastic presses;
  • presses for PET bottles;
  • municipal solid waste presses;
  • Tire presses.

Contact us without obligation and let’s study together the customized solution to optimize the management of waste in your company.

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