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Website design challenges to sharpen your skills

Trying something new will help you sharpen your skills. Website design challenges is good way to sharpen your skills because nowadays for any business or industry, websites are a major source of growth for a business.There are a lot of good reasons to take on a design challenge, really.
Websites are major and an important source of good traffic and potential customers for your business. The number of internet users is increasing day by day which is why online presence and reputation are so important these days.

5 design challenges to sharpen your skills:

1. Try building something new

Whenever you try to build something new, you can learn so many new things which will help you enhance your skills. When you are making or designing a website you have an opportunity to learn so many things related to a website. When you are making something new you have an opportunity to try out new CSS modules, or techniques, without worrying too much about cross-browser compatibility or other issues like that. While designing a website you can learn from the basics to boost your designing skills.

2. Copy a complicated layout

Don’t copy a website exactly. Just look for a website with a complex layout or design and copy it without looking at the source code. Try to build things from scratch by examining the major layout elements and try to do it yourself. Don’t use this for a live site, but as a simple HTML/CSS/JS exercise.

3. Design or code a website using new tools

When you are designing a website or coding a website try to use new tools. When you use new tools you have new options to create a trendy and attractive Website design challenges.
If you want to go in-depth, this would be one of the best challenges and it doesn’t even have to take long to learn the operating principles of new tools. So, always try to learn by using new tools.

4. Try out new methodology

Try new methodology so you can learn new techniques or coding in a new language. Meaning, if you are an expert in graphics then try learning a new CMS, CSS, etc. Trying to learn about different fields will give you a wider range of skills.

5. Refine an old design

Refining an old design means giving a new look to an old website. When you are changing an old design, you may have to face many design issues which will help you learn new tactics. You can change your website theme if your blog designs looks old and not impressive. New themes can attract more visitors to your blog.


When you are trying to learn new things with the help of different sources, you get a lot of knowledge which may help you enhance your skills.
At the same time your experience in the field grows and you might even get a few worth while projects to add to your portfolio.

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