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It is 2020, and Coronavirus is probably the only push that was required for the Indian digital marketing industry. We are ever more connected through the digital world than we have been in the past. Most of our communication is through digital mediums –  video calls, social media, E-mails – prevail the business as well as personal communication scene.

If you already have a business, you now know how important SEO optimization has become. In order to make sure that your business interacts with the targeted customers in India, you need to take care of your business rankings. SEO companies (Dubai, India, Canada, etc.) all over are coming up with individual strategies for companies based on business needs. However, search engines, unlike popular opinion, don’t just respond to search engine optimization, it responds to user-first optimizations. At the core of search engine ranking, a strategy is a solution to each one of their user’s problems.

So, how do you optimize your website to ensure that you take SEO optimization tactics and user-first tactics hand-in-hand? How to create a perfect blend of both? Here’s our strategy –

1.Mobile Optimisation

Almost 40% of all eCommerce sales happen through a smartphone. So creating a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is very important. Google has considered and incorporated that in its ranking metrics. It introduced the mobile-first index a few years ago. This means, if you have a web and a mobile version, it will choose to index your mobile website.

We are in a world today, where people are attached to phones. They are constantly searching, googling and streaming. There are all kinds of content online – recipes, hacks, travelling guides, guides for fixing electronics etc.

It is now imperative that you not only produce content for mobile users but also ( optimize your Indian website for the same. Ensure quicker load times, aesthetic structure, optimized and high-definition images, clickable links and better overall appearance.

2.Content Marketing

Content is an extremely important aspect of a website. Your website should ensure that it provides value to the visitors of your website. Even if your website is well-built and aesthetically pleasing, it won’t rank high if the content does not provide quality, value and relevancy.

Word Limit

Search engines have put a minimum limit of 300 words per page and do not limit the maximum words there can be on a page.

Content readability

Readability of your page also impacts its ranking. Write simple content that can be easily digested in bite-sized form by your prospective consumers.


There are also no limits on keywords on a page. You can put as many keywords as you want. However, experts suggest putting keywords in a natural manner.

User experience and user intent

Use tools and websites that can capture user intent. You must employ the right tactic to delight, amaze and engage your potential customers. Doing this will ensure that they become permanent visitors and loyal customers.

Keep these things in mind for better user experience and intent –

  1. Improve server response time.
  2. Reduce/compress files’ sizes
  3. Browser caching is enabled
  4. Loading JavaScript and CSS parallelly
  5. Use fewer plugins
  6. Execute compression audit
  7. Embed perfect sized images

Search engines today have expanded in terms of mapping demographics, customer behaviour, page visiting patterns, overall history etc. Analytics are provided in detail to not only help you alter your website to better suit that experience, but also make it more user friendly and gain profits.

3.Link Building

According to Google, link building contributes as a major factor to improve business rankings. Strong link building tells the crawlers from the search engine that your content is verified and authorized. This makes it rank better. The best way to build links would be looking for worthy content and worthy sites to link to.

You need to broaden and evolve your search in order to find relevant and credible links.


Schema markup creates an enhanced description appearing in the web results. Once added to a webpage, it creates a “rich snippet”. The real work of a schema is to provide content to a webpage and enhance the searching experience.

Schemas are used for businesses, merchandises, recipes, people, events etc. It helps your website rank for all forms of content. Content in questions could be articles, book reviews, movies, software applications etc

Websites with schema markup are slated to perform better than the ones without schema markups. A study by Google showed that schema marked websites ranked 4 places higher than ones without schema marked websites.

All big search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo support the use of microdata for the same reason.

5.Website Speed

A lot of businesses do not realize, but website speed is also a major concerning factor.

As per Google, the average time taken by a website to load in 22 seconds, and still, 53% of visitors leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Speed of the website is one of the first things a visitor encounters, and it impacts user experience. This is why Google strictly considers the loading time of a website.

Here are a few things to improve loading time and enhance user experience –

  • Keep minimum plugins and redirects.
  • Use an appropriate hosting solution
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minimize image sizes
  • Reduce DNS lookup time
  • Improver server response time
  • Load CSS and Javascript both at the same time
  • Minimize HTTP requests for different parts of the page like scripts, images and CSS.
  • Reduce file size
  • Compress and combine common files to reduce requests.


The amount of information online is massive. Because of so many opinions and advice, you can get confused and employ strategies that do not work in one direction.

Despite being armed with the right tools, it is imperative to know what works and what doesn’t for your business. Or, how to make these SEO optimization tools fit your business’ digital identity.

There is plenty of SEO service in Dubai, India, the USA that can fit your need as per the location. But, it is advisable to not blindly follow all rules of the book and tweak tools, advice and recommendations.

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