What are the best Magento development companies in India?

What are the best Magento development companies in India?

Magento is a powerful, flexible, scalable and very robust tool. Magento also gives you a wide range of features for store customization, data and order management, themes, extensions and much more to help create a successful eCommerce store.  Of course, for any of these attributes to ring true or to fully utilize the features available, you will need smart Magento developers working behind the scenes. 

The demand for Magento-driven stores has also meant many top development companies began to offer Magento development services. The problem is almost every company claims they have the “best Magento developers.” Below, I will explain how you can ensure you hire the actual best and avoid other companies who make hollow claims. 

Check These Three Things to Hire the Best Magento development Company in India

1. Server and Database Skills

Magento is a very backend-heavy platform, and any team you bring in to help develop it are going to need a solid technical background in servers and databases. Magento runs on Zend PHP, a heavyweight framework designed for enterprise applications, and a good PHP developer has a thorough understanding of exactly what is going on under the hood when they make changes to the backend. 

2. Knows their way around the MVC model

Magento uses a model-view-controller architectural model, and this underpins absolutely everything about how it works and how to use it effectively. MVC is relatively common, but if they can only build in something like Flux or MVVM then they’re probably not the right pick. 

3. Magento Development Experience

  • How many years of industry experience do they actually have? 
  • How many years of experience do their Magento developers have?
  • What Magento projects have they actually completed? 
  • Is the company big enough to even handle an ongoing Magento project? 

The best Magento development companies will have over 5+ years of industry experience, with specialist Magento services. They should have a work or job portfolio displaying previous Magento projects. Ideally, you will be able to see the current live version of stores the company has worked on and you can see or test quality work for yourself. The best companies will have a  development team dedicated to Magento. Why is this important? Because magento development often requires an entire team. 

4. Care for Data Security 

The best and most cost-effective development companies are usually offshore. Therefore, you’re very unlikely to meet them in-person. You will likely do most business talk through video conferencing and even though this is standard in modern business, it can be difficult to put your trust in a team you’ve never met. You want to ensure they’ve crossed their Ts and dotted their Is; NDAs, safe code transfer, a reliable line to a company rep. Are they using Ioncube or similar software to encrypt proprietary code? Are they up to date on the latest CVEs? Magento is an expensive platform and most business conducted on it is going to involve a lot of money changing hands—don’t leave that money in the hands of somebody you don’t trust. 

5. Cost-effective

The best companies won’t be dirt cheap, but their pricing will be fair! Going too cheap usually means you’re hiring poor services and you’ll end up hiring more developers to fix the mess. Especially with a complex platform like Magento, going cheap is a huge liability. You’re going to want to hire a large team long-term—there are good affordable options, but I’d avoid cheap ones. 

Different companies will have different hiring plans. For Magento development, the most cost-effective option for hiring are usually developer packages. This is a type of hiring where the client can hire multiple developers, a project manager, testers and support technicians as one package. You might not need all of that; you can often simply change the package to meet your requirements. This is cost-effective, especially if you want a long-term hiring method, and you probably will with Magento.

Lastly, A Few Recommended Choices 

Here are a few companies who meet all of the requirements stated above: 

  1.  Ready2Code

Based in Ahmedabad, this company provides 24/7 support and is Magento certified. This company has over 120 completed projects (not all of these are Magento). They have served clients in 19 different countries and have a reasonably high client retention rate. They are a trusted company for Magento development, but are still growing. 

  1.  CodeClouds

CodeClouds is a large development company based in Kolkata, however they have expanded over the last decade and now have offices in the US, Australia and New Zealand. They have built an impressive reputation globally and therefore have become a popular choice for Magento customization services in India. Uniquely, they offer 18/5 support services: the difference being that these are all hours where you’re talking to a real person, rather than other companies who offer 24/7 chatbots, and 8 hours of real contact time.

3. GeekyAnts

Another global company with locations in Bangalore, London, and California, Geekyants provides a wide variety of development services including web and mobile, and has a lot of positive client reviews!

Hope this has helped, best of luck in your search!  

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