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To begin with, investing in marketing channels, including on social networks, does not make sense if there is no thoughtful and formulated strategy for promoting your product, service, brand, etc.

Setting goals in an SMM promotion strategy on Instagram

Now I will tell you about the commonplace thing that many do not even think about. Before starting any promotion on social networks and on Instagram in particular, you need to accurately answer for yourself two questions:

  1. Why do you need it?
  2. What do you want to get as a result?

If you are an SMM specialist, then these questions are the most important for you and should be asked in the first minutes of communication with a new client.

Personally, at the first meeting, I always draw a segment indicating point A and point B. Point A is the starting point “here and now”, here we prescribe our goal and fix indicators, business metrics at the time “today”. Point B is the result or subtotal, then what we strive for after a certain period of time.

For example – after 3, 6, 12 months we want to get this and that.

If it’s difficult for you to formulate a goal, here’s a sample for you:

– After 3 months I want to increase brand recognition,

– After 5 months I want to receive from six new customers a month,

– After 12 months I want to get 8000 target subscribers,

– After 8 months I want to double your online sales

Any of these goals are achievable and feasible with a competent and expert approach to the task.

Targeting as part of SMM promotion strategy

The next thing to consider when creating an SMM strategy on Instagram is who your target audience is, i.e. You need to create a portrait of your client, a client who is interested in you, or a client whom you may be interested in.

If you are at a loss to immediately say who is buying from you, analyze your current customers, who they are, their age, social status, find common ground between them, and try to answer the question of what unites them. If you precisely select your target audience, it will be much easier for you to find it not only on Instagram and other social networks but also beyond them, including using other marketing channels and about marketing channels.

For clarity, I will give an example of a segmented portrait of Central Asia.

“A man, aged 35-50 years old, single, living in St. Petersburg, has a BMV car or a steady interest in acquiring it. Prefers women. Actively looking.”


Competitor analysis as part of the SMM promotion strategy

Now it’s worth paying attention to competitors, personally I recommend identifying three to five leaders in your niche, sorting out how everything works for them. How their business process works. To analyze their competitive advantages – what they are better than you and what they can offer the client from what you can not offer. If necessary, you need to use the services of a mystery shopper in order to understand how competitor managers “close” a client.

After all this, it is worth thinking about USP or, in plain language, about a unique product offer. You should hook the client, provide favorable conditions, and try to be one step closer to the consumer than your direct competitors. Nothing prevents the effect of gamification.

The example is simple. “Buy from us an emerald rolled lawn from 100% bluegrass for 100 dollars. Find cheaper lower the price yet. We are not joking. ”

If the consumer is really interested in acquiring a lawn in the near future, he will not pass by your ad. If he was interested in acquiring it, he clearly monitored prices and knew that B. firm had a lawn worth 95 dollars. Here gamification and the ability to search for significant benefits will work. In this case, you will offer the client a rolled lawn for 90 dollars, and if the managers “close the client” correctly, it will come to payment with a 50% probability. Of course, you won’t get the maximum price, but you can offer the client additional services and earn and increase the lost profit on them.

Brand Awareness Work

The strategies of SMM promotion on Instagram involves creating informational noise and brand confidence. The more the client hears and sees information about you, the higher the chances that under similar conditions he will choose you directly among competitors. Here, openness plays an important role. The more information you provide about yourself, share your projects, cases, works, the more confidence you inspire from others. Try to talk a lot about you, buy native advertising on bloggers’ exchanges, get maximum coverage using targeted advertising and Instagram post promotion.

Important! Gather feedback, even if not the most flattering. For negative and neutral reviews, you will work on the bugs. It’s worthwhile to keep cool and close the negative of even the most active clients towards you.

Thanks to the positive reviews you can build the trust of potential customers. It should be understood that any review on the Internet should be accompanied by real contact with the person who leaves him. Those. Now it’s not enough for people to just read the laudatory text, they want to analyze, go to the user’s page who has left feedback about you on a social network, and make sure that it really exists.

Do not be afraid to post reviews where there is a hint in the minuses that you are expensive, the purchasing power of everyone is different, for many, there is a selection criterion, expensive means high quality. A good example is the sale of the latest iPhone models. The price rises annually, demand does not fall.

Retention of interest and competent content

The last moment that you need to think about is how you will keep the interest of clients not yet closed but already loyal to you. It is not enough to create a selling offer; you need to maintain interest. The most important thing about working with content can be summarized in three points. The first is the delivery of really useful information to your client. The second is the availability of a profitable selling offer in each publication. The third is an introduction to the dialogue, perhaps you will find out new client pains that you have not thought about before, later it can help to improve the quality of the product, create additional product offers and introduce related services. Do not forget about the banal increase in the coverage of publications.

That’s all for today, I hope the material turned out to be useful and timely for you. You can follow the updates of my blog in the Telegram channel or support the creation of new content a bit using the form below.

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