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What is Bandwidth

Basically bandwidth is the amount or volume of information which you can transfer from one point to another point within a network in a specific period of time and it’s measured in (Bps) bits per second, Normally the speed of 25 Mbps or above can support most of the online activities like online gaming, web browsing, HD video streaming and downloading music. There are some different ways to calculate bandwidth. Some measurements calculate current data flow and others calculate typical and maximum flow. Bandwidth can be compared to water flowing through a pipe to a bathtub; the rate of water (data) flowing through the pipe (connection) can understand a Bandwidth, there are several types of bandwidth and one of them is Bandwidth in web hosting or web hosting bandwidth.

Bandwidth in web hosting

A Website hosting is a storage space on a server to store files for online presence. Bandwidth in web hosting is the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer to your users from your website in a given amount of time, the numbers in bandwidth tells you how much data you can transfer in a single month and it depends on the hosting company most of the hosting companies provide different variety of hosting plans even some companies offer unlimited bandwidth in their premium plans, Naturally, you have to some extra for more bandwidth. For an example of your website have a 200MB bandwidth and you host 80MB video on your website for the visitors to download. Every single download will create 80MB traffic between the local computer and the webserver. Two downloads will create 160MB and three downloads will take 240MB traffic and if all three downloads occur at the same time then all bandwidth of your website is used up and one of them will have to wait for download so if you have high bandwidth website then you can have more traffic on it.

What is unlimited bandwidth?

As we already know that some of the hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth in their plan so now the question is that “what is unlimited bandwidth and does it really exist. So the answer in technical terms is no because it is impossible for a hosting company to provide bandwidth without any limit even the dedicated servers are not able to provide it unlimitedly and they also have their limits for bandwidth. The real meaning of unlimited bandwidth is when your site exhausts its available resources then your web host won`t cut your site off. Unlimited bandwidth is also known as unmetered bandwidth and both terms refer to the same meaning. Most people buy a high bandwidth plan but they actually didn’t need that so if you want to determine that how much bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth you really need or not then here is the simple formula for this calculation.

Bandwidth = (Quantity of daily expected visitors) x (quantity of visited pages) x (quantity of days in a month) x (average storage of page)

Why do I need bandwidth for my website?

Bandwidth plays the a major role in your website and it is a crucial factor for every website performance because when the bandwidth of your website exceeds more than its limits then the browser will return a Bandwidth limit exceeds error. A website with high graphics will need high bandwidth or a website with high traffic needs a high amount of bandwidth for perfect website performance. And on the different side, a website with higher bandwidth is capable to handle and hosting more visitors and this leads to more traffic or website. Most of the Smartphone users may leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load, furthermore when Google assesses the ranks of pages, the website with higher loading speed ranks higher, there is a complex relationship between latency, page load time, and available bandwidth.

How to check your website bandwidth

As an owner, you can check your bandwidth easily by just logging into your hosting company account`s dashboard. Now you need to look for a site resource activity section, this looks different according to your host, some good hosts make it is easy and display an icon or link, so you can see easily how much bandwidth your website is using. When you click on bandwidth breakdown you can see tends broken down by time period and now you can see how much bandwidth your website used in last year, last month, last week, last 24 hours.


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