What is Industrial Pressure and What is it used for?

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Industrial pressure washer as the name suggests is used for cleaning purposes. The industrial pressure washer uses a high pressure water jet that cleans out adamant mud or mold or which cannot be cleaned manually in seconds. You might think that this washer is only used in industries or similar places but in reality industrial pressure washers are used in a variety of different household things. But the purpose of this pressure washer is to clean mold and dirt from buildings, roads and other surfaces. The water used might either be hot or cold , sometimes mixed with soap and detergent. Sometimes it helps to clean places where you cannot clean manually. As it blows out strings of high pressure water like rain, it helps to travel to corner most places and edges. 

The scientific reason behind why an industrial pressure washer gets stubborn dirt clean easily is because as the water is coming out at a fast and high speed it hits the surface with high kinetic energy which blasts the surface dirt free. But most of the time only water is sufficient, it does not destroy any surface.

Some common uses of the industrial pressure washer are :

  • SWIMMING POOL – Mostly, all swimming pools are not used during the winters and are not cleaned for the entire period.  Swimming pools tend to develop a lot of mold, dirt , algae, fungi and mud on the surface if not used for a long time. It’s impossible for a human or even five humans to clean out all of this manually, this is why an industrial pressure washer is necessary. The high water spray cleans all of the dirt at once and even reaches the edges of the swimming pool effortlessly. It’s always better to use a detergent for better results during cleaning a swimming pool.
  • ROOFS – It is impossible to clean your roof with a cloth or wiper because there are so many different types and layers of dirt that can be sitting on their leaves,  soil, mud, bird discharge, guano etc.  Industrial pressure washers clean the roofs effortlessly.
  • GARAGE PARKINGS- Garages and parkings could have a lot of oil stains , tire marks and what not. You can go around the garage rubbing out the oil stains but you can just walk around the garage cleaning all of them at once with the pressure washer.
  • GUTTERS – It’s important to clean your gutters often because the mud and dirt could clog your pipes and damage them or corrode them. This might result in water leakage and pipe breakdowns.  Now you don’t need to climb down the stairs to clean your gutters because firstly, it’s gross and dangerous. With the industrial pressure washer the work can be taken care of from outside. The high velocity jet spray has enough pressure that it could force all the debris out of the gutter.
  • GRILLS – This might seem unusual but pressure washers could be used for cleaning barbecue grills but it needs a little precaution so as to not damage any electric drills. If you clean it properly you won’t have to spend hours going through the grills cleaning it manually.
  • MOUNTAIN BIKES, CARS , BOATS AND TRAILERS – Industrial pressure washers are a professional in cleaning different vehicles. Boats tend to get a lot of algae , fungus or mould stuck in the bottom or muddy footprints or soil inside it – the pressure washer cleans it all. Mountain bikes are mostly used for adventures and tend to get very muddy specially the tires and pressure washer again cleans it all. You don’t need to spend every weekend with a bucket and sponge in hand cleaning your car because the pressure washer does all the work and it’s even efficient in cleaning car seats.
  • FENCING AND DECKS – Industrial pressure washer can even remove metal corrosion. And cleaning decks with pressure washers comes the most handy after storms or if you are visiting your farm house after ages or return home after a long vacation. It will help Remove all the accumulated dirt, sand, leaves etc.
  • CONCRETE, TILES PATIO, AND STAIRWAYS – These are not somethings that you clean everyday or is possible to clean every but the dust particles settle everyday. And these are places which are definitely visible to anyone visiting your house. So once in a while, you can use the industrial pressure washer to clean the entire area at once effortlessly.

Apart from these, an industrial pressure washer can be used to clean windows, outdoor furniture, doors and even bicycles and smaller vehicles. You can also use it to clean bathroom and kitchen tiles once in a while when deep cleaning your house. Pressure washer comes really handy and could save you a lot of time.

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