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What is mirroring in TV

One of the advantages of Smart TV is its support for wireless connections. You can use Wi-Fi not only to access the Internet. The wireless module allows you to connect to local network drives to watch video from them, it is used to transfer files, connect various controls (remotes, keyboards, universal manipulators) or mirror the screen of other devices.

Mirroring to TV is the function of outputting images from another device that supports WiDi and/or Miracast protocols, without wires. It allows you to display a picture from a tablet or smartphone on a large screen, using a mobile gadget only as a control.

Why do you need mirroring on the TV

Screen mirroring or screen mirroring in TV can be used to solve almost any task that your imagination tells you:

  • Show photos and videos. You can use the TV to watch photos and videos from your smartphone with friends or family. Watching pictures on a large screen is much more convenient than peering together at a small phone display.
  • Games. By connecting to a TV, you can play mobile games on a large display. The smartphone is used as a gamepad at this time. The advantage of this solution is the absence of fingers in the field of view, which partially block the image on the display.
  • Watch online videos. If you use an iPhone and use video services that are not available for Android and other Smart TVs, broadcast using AirPlay 2 allows you to display a picture from an iPhone on a TV. A number of Samsung, Sony, LG, and VIZIO TVs released after 2018 have such a function. A good and inexpensive model is the Samsung UE43RU7100U with a price tag of fewer than 250 Dollars.

How to enable mirroring on the TV

To use image mirroring from a smartphone or tablet on TV, you must first activate this function in the settings. The place of its inclusion differs depending on the manufacturer of the TV and its OS. On Samsung, you need to open the choice of the source of the picture (the “Source” button on the remote control) and select Screen Mirroring from the available options.

On Smart TV LG you need to go into the network settings and enable the Miracast option there. to change the name to use Dwarf Name Generator Something similar involves the menu of other brands. The exact procedure for your TV can be found in the paper instructions or on the manufacturer’s website.

The next step is to connect a smartphone or tablet. On Samsung, the Screen Mirroring option has been moved to the quick settings block in the curtain. On iPhone, the “Screen Repeat” key is located on the switch screen.

In most other models, the wireless display is activated in the network settings. Also, change name another to use wow name generator Most often, the option is called “Broadcast”, “Miracast”, “Wireless Display”. On Xiaomi (MIUI 11), you can activate Miracast in the “Connection and sharing” submenu.

By activating the broadcast, you will see your TV on the list. After selecting it, the picture will begin to be transmitted on TV.

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