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According to Vince Lombardi, perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. I agree with Vince Lombardi as looking for perfection is the only path to keep motivating you, which will ultimately cause continuous improvement. Technical work also requires Excellency as a minor mistake in can latest technological devices can affect their performance. We use dozens of technologies in our daily routine, which are the behold of our talented technicians and scientists. If to be a successful technician is your dream, then you must have the following skills:

Expertise in computer:

A computer technician must have all the knowledge about how the computer operates, software installation, which software is compatible with specific hardware. He must know the computer languages, RAM, ROM, when to install and upgrade the software, programming and how to protect computers from corrupt files. A skilled technician must also have skills for computer repair and where each part fits in the network.

Convergent thinker:

If a person brings his computer repairing, he must understand and apprehend the problem immediately. He must not make lame excuses that for this latest technology, he is outdated. He must make decisions and start repairing computers just after examining the issue.

Assembling the data:

A skilled and professional technician must update himself on a regular interval. This habit can help him to diagnose the issue quickly. In this field, you get what you pay for.

Assessing all technical instruments:

A capable technician has a strong relation with all the equipment. He must know the functioning of equipment. To determine the malfunctioning of any equipment, it is obligatory to have proper knowledge of equipment. Chemistry between hardware and software must also be acknowledged by him.

Communication skills:

Technology is not limited to any country, caste, or religion. Technicians have to interact with many individuals, whether on phone, mails, or face to face. A skilled technician must have the ability to communicate efficiently to everyone and guide them properly about the issue when anyone comes to repair their computer.

Ability to guide properly:

A good technician always guides his customers, employees, and staff accurately.  Regarding technology, they tell them the outcomes, their drawbacks and other specific aspects honestly. The team of skilled computer technicians never disappoints their customers.

Customer services:

Ethical behavior and a pleasant attitude is the scale of respect. If a technician listens to his clients attentively, positively responds to them then his behavior is really appreciable. This will not only build up his character, but he will also increase the rate of his clients. Just because of the decent behavior the client will definitely come again for computer repairing or solve other issues.

Setup capability:

A capable technician can build connections between software and hardware maintenance. He is ready to install the software in some client computers, setting up network issues in other clients, installing the drivers, or fix the problems of the motherboard on some other computer. This skill will not only make him professionally strong but will also brighten up his career.

Sharpen the flames of knowledge:

There is high power in knowledge. Education has turned beasts into Humans. The vision of a skilled technician is to spread the awareness which he possesses. He trains his workers and staff members about new developments in technology and keeps them updated. He makes every employee of his team trustworthy and self-sufficient.

A good listener:

A good technician listens carefully and gives full attention to his clients. Through this talent, he can understand the problem in full depth.

Ready to serve:

These computer technicians are flexible in their behavior, and they are ready to offer their services any time. They are ready to sacrifice their spare time, interests to repair your computer.

Analytical skills:

Good analytical skills are required to solve the problem efficiently and quickly. These skills will satisfy their clients.

Emotional intellect:

All the technicians have to handle thousands of personalities, having a wide range of attitudes. A skilled technician must have command on his intellectual power. He should not throw tantrums on his clients or staff just because he is keeping frustration for his financial issues. He should respect the perspective of the whole team and clients to save the environment peaceful.

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