What Things I Should Include In My Post-Construction Deep Cleaning Checklist?

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What Things I Should Include In My Post-Construction Deep Cleaning Checklist?

Are you tired of looking at old ceiling design, typical floorings, or chipped paint on the walls? If yes, you must renovate your home according to the latest trends. It gives a trendy and fresh look to your home. Have you ever thought about post-construction deep cleaning? Uh! Cleaning paint spots, removing dust, washing floorings, scrubbing kitchen cabinets, and disinfecting the bathroom feel like a Gordian task.

Get experienced & customized post-construction deep cleaningservices from Ideal Cleaning at affordable rates. Read this article to make your checklist to ensure all-in-all after-construction deep cleaning. Let’s start it!

1# Deep clean upholstery:

Renovation projects at home badly affect upholstery items. The micro-size dust particles continuously circulate in the air that can damage your sofas, chairs, carpets, or beds. Even if some sort of cement-based work is done in your bathroom, fine dust particles automatically permeate on the upholstery. Call your nearby post-construction deep cleaning service providers to deep clean your upholstery items like a pro.


2# Clean the floor:

Safe this step at the end of the renovation project because everything will eventually fall on the floor. You can mop or vacuum the floor to remove superficial debris or dust, but you need ultra-efficient machines to deep clean the floor. The cleaning of granite, ceramic, non-wax linoleum, hardwood, marble, and stone floor require special chemicals as well. The companies that provide deep cleaning serviceshave the latest instruments and cleaning agents to clean all types of floors.


3# Clean cabinets & closets:

You will be amazed to see dust, debris, and dirt particles in cabinets or closets after renovation projects. Take out all clothes and other stored items. Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe out all dust from the surface. If necessary, use cleaning solutions to remove grease or oil spills depending upon the nature of the spots. If you do not have sufficient time for home deep cleaning services, hire professional cleaners from a reliable company.


4# Clean hard-to-reach places:

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas are not less than a challenge. For example, cleaning a window from the outside or removing soap scum from faucets is a time-consuming task. Cleaning baseboards, painted walls, switches, window frames, doorknobs, and faucets require special equipment. Obviously, we do not have it at home.There is no need to worry about it! Make a call to home cleaning services in Dubai to clean every corner of your home with efficiency.


5# Clean air-conditioning units:

Cleaning the AC vents is very important to maintain your health. The un-cleaned vents, ducts, or outer units provide a space for allergens, germs, and dust particles to accumulate. When you turn on AC, these things circulate in the air and you inhale them. As a result, you get severe skin allergies, respiratory problems, and microbial infections. That’s why cleaning of AC ducts or vents is as important as cleaning anything else. The professional AC cleaning services in Dubairemove the last strain of germs and dust to create a healthy environment for your family.


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