Which Is The Best One To Buy Hpht Vs. CVD Diamonds?


Are you the one who is looking to buy a diamond, and thinking which is the best one? Now we will see CVD VS HPHT, which diamond is the best and long lost, and it is because the synthesis form of diamond is created using two innovative processes: HPHT and CVD. The CVD is nothing but Chemical Vapor Deposition, whereas HPHT is High Pressure, High Temperatures. So, people should understand the process which affects the diamond quality. 

About High-Pressure High-Temperature Diamonds:

 The natural diamond crystal is formed w by deep undergrowth with some conditions by extremely high temperature and pressure that is naturally found. It is considered the first and oldest technique to grow synthetic diamonds by mimicking nature by the HPHT process. It has three innovative techniques to grow HPHT diamonds: belt press, cubic press, and split sphere press. Their necessary goal is to create a better environment with high pressure and temperature that the growth of the diamond can occur at the pressure of 1.5 million pounds per square inch at the temperature of about 1400. All processes start with the seed of diamond material placed in carbon; all elements of diamonds are made with higher temperature and pressure. The carbon melts. It forms into diamonds around the seed.

 The HPHT technology is considered one of the most advancing for many decades. The modern cubic and split-sphere presses have been introduced in well-planned manners. It is more efficient and allows the production of larger gem-quality diamonds. The HPHT diamond is a growing process with expensive. It also produces diamonds with mainly yellowish and brownish tints because they are exposed to nitrogen at the time of formations. Therefore, it is widely used to enhance the color of natural stones. 


The Chemical Vapor Deposition is a recent diamond growing technique with gemstones that grow from hydrocarbon gas mixtures that imitate the diamonds from interstellar gas clouds. In the time of CVD, the thin wafer of crystal diamonds is placed in a vacuum chamber, and it is heated at 800 c. The CVD diamond growing process has two advantages compared to the HPHT process. First, there is no necessity for high pressure and temperature. It does not need to be above 1400 °C, and the process is less costly.


 The difference between CVD and HPHT is the best way of growing and morphology. The CVD grows in 1 growth direction, and HPHT grows in cub octahedron shape at 14 growth directions. Although the top-notch lab-grown diamonds, HPHT, have been associated with yellowish and brownish diamonds, the CVD method is the first to create colourless gems. Nowadays, experts use both techniques to produce a colourless and flawless diamond. 

The main difference is only the only technology known as morphology. The lab-grown diamonds in the UK are best known for their low prices, genuine works, guaranteed authenticity, and wide colors. One of the main concentrations is it is environmentally friendly in all aspects. It does not require land, energy, and water. It also has moiré durable and last for long decades. 

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