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Modern habitable wooden houses

The world of habitable wooden houses today seems to have a great expansion, even in our country.

In fact, at one time they were mainly built in northern Europe. But today they also seem to have caught on with us, thanks also to modern construction techniques and new technologies applied to construction for which beautiful modern habitable wooden houses can be created. And with all the comforts we are used to today.

Prices of habitable wooden houses

The ecological and economical wooden houses to live in have a solid foundation and a solid wooden structure.

The wood used is mainly glulam, which is fixed with solid steel joints.

Glulam has constant and even certified characteristics, is available from many suppliers and also offers affordable costs. Another type of wood material used for wooden houses, which allows you to easily build prefabricated modules.

Then there are the habitable houses made with the blockhouse system, which consists of using beams inserted into one another without fixing screws or glues, which however ensure a strong grip thanks to the pressure, so the structure is really stable. And resistant over time.

Compared to a traditional brick house, the prices of habitable wooden houses are also very advantageous, so even from an economic point of view it is also worthwhile to build a wooden house.

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Even as construction times, a prefabricated wooden house requires much less time than a brick one, and moreover the pipes and systems are inserted in the cavities between the walls, so you don’t even have to break walls to insert the systems, or even redo the plaster above.

Even when renovating a room, you can easily change the systems without breaking the walls, as happens in a brick house, thus saving time and money.

Insulated habitable wooden houses

Furthermore, the advantages of a wooden house are many, for example we can mention the fact that wood is already a very insulating material, both from outside temperatures and from noise.

In fact, in wood it is in itself able to regulate the humidity rate inside a house, and self-regulate the internal climate, thus making the interior of a wooden house very comfortable.

To insulate the walls even better, insulating materials must then be inserted, which protect from cold and heat, such as high-density wood fiber.

With this insulation of insulated habitable wooden houses, it is possible to achieve considerable savings in terms of expenditure, and have low energy consumption, making the house ecological and with an energy efficiency of more than 80% compared to non-insulated houses.

In this way, ecological and economical wooden houses are obtained to live in at best and with all the comforts of traditional houses.

Permits for habitable wooden houses

To create an ecological house, which offers advantages in terms of energy saving, it does not therefore take a great expense or too much time, since ecological and economic wooden houses to live in are an optimal solution in this sense.

However, permits are needed for habitable wooden mobile homes for sale in United Kingdom, which vary from region to region and also from municipality to municipality.

First we must verify that the land we own on which we intend to build our wooden house is buildable, after which the technical documentation of the relevant municipality must be presented with the technical documentation certified by a professional in the sector, so it is advisable to contact a surveyor or architect who can fill in and present the documentation correctly for us. As soon as we have the permits we can start building the wooden house of our dreams.

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