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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business application platform that comprises of a variety of CRM and ERP apps. The application is designed to both transform and enable your core customer, employee, and business activities. It brings about influential changes over your business processes including sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and more. In short, Dynamics 365 helps your business keep pace with constant shifts in today’s landscape. Look at how Dynamics 365 turns out to be the best investment for your business.

Enhanced Flexibility

Dynamics 365 is highly flexible. Users can access the application from any devices including computers, mobiles, and tablets. They can log in on any device and get back to their work. This offers much flexibility to your workforce as they can work without the need to be present in the office. Flexible work arrangements will increase employee productivity and business growth. The application can be tailored to function the way you want to work or your business already works. Dynamics 365 can be customized using the Microsoft approved extensions and plugins available in the Microsoft app store.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics 365 comes with the power of AI. The application enables everyone across your teams to make data-driven decisions with Artificial Intelligence. By making AI accessible throughout your business, your teams can quickly respond and solve problems, make decisions on their own and accelerate productivity. Dynamics 365 helps you gain a deeper understanding of your business by combining relationships, processes and data. Moreover, it enables you to adapt to the market conditions and the changing customer needs.

Unified way of working

Dynamics offers a unified, easy to use interface that provides your team everything they need to get their job done – no need to move between apps or transfer data across programs. Dynamics 365 also makes it easier for users to create new apps with Microsoft Flow. It lets you quickly integrate other programs like Twitter into your Dynamics apps. You can create workflows based on these integrations. In this scenario, you can make sales leads out of tweets from customers.

Dynamics 365 enables you to create mobile apps that meet your needs using the app builder. You can take advantage of this functionality to improve business performance. With all of the apps able to communicate together, a simpler and unified way of working is possible.

Enhanced security and Compliance

Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE ensures your organization has full control over your data.  As the data resides in Microsoft’s secure cloud, you will never have to worry about your data. The application’s security maintains data integrity and privacy. Professionally designed security does not allow unauthorized people to access files and this ensures your data never falls in the wrong hands.


There would be situations where integrations are sometimes needed to expand your business growth. Integrations with third-party applications allows them to have additional capabilities which helps business in many ways. Dynamics 365 can be integrated with other Microsoft apps and various other third party applications. These integrations allow you to easily manage end-to-end business processes. The integrations are possible through custom tools, apps, and Dynamics 365 API’s. Based on your needs, your Dynamics 365 partner helps you choose the suitable integration method.

Cloud capabilities

Cloud computing has brought immense changes in the way business operates. Deploying Dynamics 365 in the cloud eliminates the need for computing resources such as the server, storage, and network. Moreover, the application will be automatically updated in the cloud, and ensures that users always get the latest version of the software. Built on Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 is a trusted platform that is worthwhile for your business.

Improve operational efficiency with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is natively integrated with familiar productivity apps in Microsoft 365 and provides a unified way to manage users and processes. Together with Microsoft 365 and Azure, Dynamics 365 offers a great experience which is adaptable, intelligent, and modern. Another important feature is its Common Data Platform (Database system). This integrates data across all Dynamics 365 applications, services, productivity apps in Microsoft 365 and other apps.

The applications in Dynamics 365 are adaptable to your business and the modern environment. Each application is designed to work better together and delivers an immersive experience that promotes growth, productivity, and revenue. When you decide to deploy Dynamics 365 to set the path for growth, it is vital to rely on experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAElike IAX SERVICES or LITS SERVICES.

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