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People have been using smartphones for more than 20 years now. With technology comes tech issues. Most of the people these days have phones. People of every age possess it these days and so is the risk of dropping them increasing exponentially.

It is a scary thing to think that 66% of us do not know that walking around and using their phone will not affect the internal workings of your device. Cracks in the screen can lead to other damages. There is a much greater chance of cracks causing water damage, rusting of internal components all of which can result in permanent failure of their Smartphones. Research shows that almost 40% of us have a fault with their Mobile. The average population can only survive 3 or 4 days without their smartphones. Whereas 40% of us can not last a day without their mobile. It’s funny but almost 29% have the impression that bags of rice will fix if there will be water damage.


Explained below are the 20 top causes of screen damage. This is why most of the people even after taking great care of their phones end up breaking them.

  • Just general rough use
  • On a night out with friends
  • Dropped it in the toilet
  • Forgot it was in a back pocket and sat down
  • Child dropped it
  • Trying to type a message with one hand
  • Tried to throw it onto a bed/sofa and it bounced off
  • Fell out of a case when exercising
  • Threw it when angry
  • Tried to throw it to someone and missed
  • Taking a selfie
  • Found it mysteriously smashed after taking it out of the bag
  • Forgot it was in a front pocket and bumped into the corner of a table
  • Was looking at the screen while walking and bumped into something or someone was dropping it
  • Dropped it in the bath
  • Left it on the car seat and then sat on it
  • Sat on it on a chair
  • Accidentally put something heavy down on top of it
  • Got the headphones caught in a door handle or similar, jerking the phone out of your hands
  • Left it on the roof of the car before driving off

What to do?

Despite our careless attitude and approach towards our smartphones, it would be a trauma to most of us if our mobile was to suddenly fail. This is our perception that screen damage won’t affect the longevity of the device as it is still able to make and receive calls but it is wrong.

Just to get rid of the cost charges we don’t get it repaired and end up losing it. To answer these concerns, there are some repair shops that are inexpensive and the average cost of these is less than what people perceive them to be.

The solution to all of this is that you should get your phone repaired as soon as possible. There are several repair shops, third-party repairs, and your manufacturers as well that can provide the best services for you.

Get it done before it’s too late as when a phone gets completely damaged, even a repairer can’t repair it.

It is a common myth around phone repair, that getting the screen repaired will void your manufacturers’ warranty. Although this is true, do people know that warranties get void anyway if they keep using it and damaging other parts?

iMend.com found that people are subject to some mad misconceptions when it comes to phone repair. 29% of them think putting a phone in a bag of rice is a good way to fix water damage, while 6% think leaving a phone on top of a radiator will help in its recovery.

In conclusion:

People need to get out of the myths and start taking care of their mobile phones. The broken mobile phones they carry with them can damage their hands and kids (if they have any) love to put things in the mouth. So getting a phone screen repaired at the time it breaks, is very important before it hurts anyone.

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