Why Is It Important To Choose A Nearby International school?

Why Is It Important To Choose A Nearby International school?

Parents often get confused while choosing between the vast number of schools available. Basically, every school intends to provide the best academic and non-academic support through experienced teaching and non-teaching staff and other facilities. The onus is always on the overall development of the student. 

However, the core difference lies in their curriculum. But another important determinant factor is the location of the school. There are a lot of perks that come with the selection of a nearby international school, such as more time for family, games, peer interaction, exposure to new cultures, indulgence in extracurricular activities that massively help in their growth over the long term. 

While opting for international school parents look at the infrastructure, teaching faculties, accreditation, syllabus etc. However, parents tend to miss out on this important factor, i.e. the location. You must not ignore the importance of geographical location convenience and proximity.

6 Reasons to choose a nearby International school

There are crucial factors that are directly proportional to the location of the school campus, such as security, coping with emergency situations, etc. Let’s have a clear insight.

  1. Time spent on travelling

More or less a child usually spends around 8 hours at school. If the school is located far away, such that the journey itself takes 2 or more hours, it can lead to stress and make the child too tired for the rest of the day. 

  1. Routes to reach school

While choosing the school you must know about every possible travel route that you can take to travel to and from school. Often, there can be rough patches on the road or any construction work going on, more knowledge about the routes can help you to quickly switch on to another route to avoid delays. The nearer the school is, the easier it is to know the locality and routes around it.

  1. Getting help during emergency situations

In case of any emergency, you must be able to get first aid quite easily. If you choose a school which is quite far away from the city or on the outskirts, then help might get delayed and scattered. In case of any illness or accident, a child must be able to get medical support immediately and the management of a nearby school has greater competence in ensuring that.

  1. Expenditure and Budget calculation

Finances matter if you are planning to enrol your child in an international school that is far from home. You have to bear the transportation cost which will eventually increase the overall education budget that you set up for your child. Inspection of the budget is quite important while choosing a school.

  1. Able to reach our child in emergencies

Kids who have just started to go to preschool in Ahmedabad are taking their first step towards the outside world, where they meet teaching faculties, peers and caretakers for the first time. They might miss the home environment and find it difficult to manage. So, choose a nearby International school, so that in case of any urgency, you are able to reach the school at the earliest. 

It is unlikely to find a nearby International school that is perfect in every aspect, but a significant weightage should be given to the location and transportation convenience. We go through many uncertain situations every day and panicking about our child’s well being is the last thing we want. 

So, it is always a good idea to admit them to a nearby school, so that you can stay assured and can visit quickly if required. You must always take your child, before enrolling them, for a visit to the school. Ask them their opinion and always trust your gut feeling.

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