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It won’t be wrong to say that smartphones are great. You get entertained with videos, apps, and games. It also helps you to connect with our friends and family members. If you face any kind of issue regarding your phone, they have also made it easier to track down cell phone repair shops. But what is that one problem that has got us all thinking?

It is that we’ve gotten so used to being glued to our smartphones that we tend to forget the people around us. Our reliance on these can impact our health badly and God forbid if you have insomnia or damaged sleep, then your smartphone could be the main reason behind it.

Why do we use phones so much?

There is a reason for everything. A big reason for using phones at nighttime is anxiety. Tech world is like an escape, that the youth has found to avoid the common nighttime flurry of negative thoughts that can keep us up.

This is not only bad for your anxiety but you develop another bad habit i.e. untimely use of cellphones.

Cell Phones do not solve your problems instead you form a dependency on your device at night. Eventually, when you get tired of using your phone, the negative thoughts will burst and it won’t be sufficient to hide your anxiety.

Various researchers have said that the blue-white light emitted from your smartphone to the endless Instagram and Twitter alerts is responsible for keeping you up at night.

Sleep deprivation can lead to everything from an increased risk of depression to a greater chance of long-term ailments like heart disease. We all should talk seriously about these issues.

Here are just some of the ways your phone is harmful to you at night.

Phones Disrupt Sleep with Blue Light:

Light exposure is probably the best-known problem caused by smartphones. The photoreceptors in your eyes automatically penetrate your eyes and give your brain a signal of waking up. A study has shown that this blue light also suppresses the melatonin which is responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Without it, the nervous system starts acting all confused and hence the cycle is completely disturbed. So it is advised that you use your smartphone as little as possible.

Smartphones Keep You Awake:

The basic reason why smartphones were designed was to make people more productive and efficient in their everyday lives. When your brain is exposed to a tool that is specially designed to keep your mind engaged, you cannot sleep that easily. Your mind is stimulated regularly if you keep checking your phone. be it watching a video or playing a game, it drifts you away from sleep.

According to a survey conducted by Mattress Advisor, the people who didn’t use their phones before sleeping were the only ones who could rate their sleep, five out of five. On the other hand, people who watched videos and played games continuously on the phone weren’t able to get a good night’s sleep.

Phone Radiation Could Be Bad for Your Health:

There have been various controversies about this one. It has been said that phone radiations are very dangerous and so many surveys have been done about this one. It is believed that tucking the phone under the cushion is very dangerous at night. According to research the phone radiations that come out from it can lead to negative biological effects if there is constant exposure.

Smartphone Alerts Delay REM Sleep:

If you are not using your mobile phone there are still chances of it disturbing you at night if it is placed in your bedroom. Every alert you get from your phone’s apps, social media, text messages, etc. can boost your chances of getting up at night. There are 95% chances that you will get up and check the notification out of curiosity or out of habit.

The things that you see on social media can spark emotional responses that can delay your REM sleep. This is the sleep that is very important for brain and body repair. A study has shown that if you see something that is happy or sad before sleeping, it can affect your sleep pattern.  Mobile phones make your life easier at day and support a better experience but at night they can cause an adverse effect on the psyche of the individual.


These are all the reasons why your phone is considered very harmful at night. Despite being very useful, we should limit its usage and should have proper know-how about its adverse effects on our health.

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