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why men loves romantic sex No Further a Mystery

Over the course of myprofessional careeras asex therapist, I havehad the opportunity to sitwithhundreds of maleswhen they’ve sharedtheir sexualfeelings or sex life experiencesas well asfantasies.Naturally, I’m not surewhat it’s likebe amale, but I haveenjoyed listeningtothe male’s perspective onsexualrelations.Though every man is unique yet there are common themes.

1.The body isthe initialplace where you findyour sexual partners.

Although women may be compelledto have a sex session due to their brains, memory or thesense of connectionmenseek, sex isan emotional desire.Massive quantitiesof testosteronecan be found in men’sbodies.They are able to triggersexualactivity.Young men are prone tosexual provocation at the smallest of occasions.If a man is an adult who is asexual, he will react to theglimpse of his partner,orspousenaked in the shower.It’s difficult to overestimatethe way his body chemistrydirects his mind’s psychology towardthe sexual.

2.Sex is for mena wayto satisfy theirdesire.

sex for couples tofeelfull.However,his urge forsex is likean urge to eat chocolates:Every sexual experience offersthepossibilityof adelightful surprisePerhaps creamy smoothor buttery rich, or perhapssomeraw and bittersweet or a silky sweet.He’s always searching forsomething that will leave him delightedand amazed.It’s not a complete daywithout dessert.However, the circumstancesof the relationship –for example fightingwith his wife–may still sabotagetheappetite.

3.Sexual energy is a source ofenergy.

Sexualityinjects potential and excitementinintimate relationships.Itisactiveandactivedetermined to achievehis goals in lifeandpursue his partner.Heis able to push through everyday monotony and is enticed by the thoughtofan enticing sexual reward at theend of theday.

4.Sexual pleasure is exciting.

It’sthe most thrilling adventureof your life.Heviews his body asan amazing pleasure machineandhopes to usethe fullest potential of it.Orgasm isgenerally safeand why men loves romantic sex?  performing a variety of sexual activities, positions and rhythms seemsto bea good waytoenhance his enjoyment.Everysexualpictureorsexual encounteris a great hit formale brain.His brainwaves spike with elationevery time he seessome thing or somebody that remindshim ofsexual activity.

5.Sex isthe way heoffers love.

The moment when a partner isengaged is usuallythemoment men describe asmostsexually satisfying.It’s a baffling thought tomen to be calledselfishfor their desire forsexualconnection.Their hearts are filled withanticipationofan intimate, mutualphysicalpleasure.Hefrequently concocts and fantasizesaboutwaystoimprove the experienceto her, but he also pleading fordetails about her sexual fantasies toimprove as a lover.

6.Sex is love.

Sexual releaseprovides men withan experience of beinghome.After all the turmoilandstruggles, sexual release embodiescompassion and love and can providethe comfort and strength.Even though he could be accusedof just wanting sex,many men seek and experiencemore than justbodilyrelease.Love can be a literal trigger foran emotionalfeeling of a strong bondto the other personandboosts the relationshipgenerosity, faith,andconfidence.The mostenjoyable partof a romantic sex loved by the person you love.

Even though women wantthe emotional bondmore thanphysical Men often require tohave a sexual connectionfor them to feel secureenoughto feelvulnerable.Sexual desire in malesoffers the chance to meetlove.

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