Why Mobile App Development Industry is on Fire these Days

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why mobile app development industry is on fire these days

Recent Modern Technological transformations have to change the way mankind has ever consumed technology. Now every person has a Smartphone in their pocket, which is capable of doing extraordinary things, which are nothing less than a miracle considered a decade ago.

A major key role played by the two leading Technical Giants Google and Apple in this transformation as they laid the foundation stone and still plays the key role. According to the Website internetworldstats.com, there are 4.6 Billion Active Internet Users in the world Most of them use their Mobile phones as their basic surfing devices.

Everyone and anyone who uses a Smartphone is familiar with the Mobile Application or commonly known as the ‘APP’ interface. There are currently more than 2.96 Million apps on the Play store and over 1.85 Million apps are available on the Apple App Store.

This huge data proves that Apps are a matter of very high significance. Almost all the Industries in the world are using Mobile App Interface in order to improve their shopping, service providing, data collecting process.



1. Cheap development and marketing coast

Mobile Apps are one such thing. Firstly due to the rapidly emerging market and availability of more skilled people in mobile app and game development companies in India, makes the mobile app game development cost relatively very cheap.

2. COVID-19 Pandemic

Although it is true that COVID- 19, the global pandemic has created a recession type of situation for a lot of industries. However, as the world is under lockdown and the free movement of people is not possible and not safe altogether.

In such a case, almost all the industries are trying to get an online platform that can be used by both the consumers and the operational staff.  Almost all sectors such as Medical, Educational, and all kind of business ventures have taken their entire platform online.

3. Response from the people

The app interface of many websites and companies had received a lot more responses. A lot of mobile apps recently became sensational just like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, etc. Not only social media apps receive a lot of responses but also a lot of different types of Gaming apps like PUBG, Free fire, etc, and E-Shopping apps such as Myntra, Bewakoof, etc.

4. The minimum cost of Management and Higher Promising ROI

With the growing market and availability of a lot of different companies for application development, the price for the application development has also decreased a lot in the past couple of years now it is very feasible for any business to have and manage their own customized app.

In fact, with so many companies competing in the market makes the management and further development very easy and doable.

5. Involvement of AI and Machine Learning

Almost everyone is now familiar with the modern Face ID Recognition System, Smart Voice Recognition System like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Such as these, a lot of different and innovative AI and ML App Developments are under their way of changing the way we perceive technology. A lot of companies seek this as an opportunity.

They are developing devices compatible with Smartphones, for instance, Smartwatches and fitness trackers, which are capable of tracking any of our activity and even fitted with different kinds of smart sensors such as Heart- Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen level Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc. These types of smart wearable have their own app with which they are compatible and provide the user with the data in a presentable and understandable form.

6. Evolution of Education Industry

Education Sector is the one which is always most influenced by Technology. As a result, the Mobile App Platform provided a very futuristic approach. A lot of different mobile app development companies have come up with intriguing ideas for providing online education with a very simple to use Interface for Students.

This is also complemented by a huge response from the students’ community. Especially in this COVID-19 Lockdown period, all kinds of education institutes, colleges, universities, schools extensively developed their process and came online to teach their students at home.

Apps User Interface is getting better and better with a lot of innovations including AI and ML. Augment Reality and Virtual Reality have always intrigued human beings for a long time and still continue to do so. Thus Mobile App development is playing a crucial role in making that dream come true.

With such developments going on in the mobile app development companies, it is easy to predict the upcoming time. The App development industry is currently booming and will continue to do so, surely for a very long period of time.

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