Why People Prefer Adventure Desert Safari Trip Dubai?

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Why People Prefer Adventure Desert Safari Trip Dubai?

In which things attract you more in desert safari Dubai?

Here you may think why I select this place for a visit? How beautiful? Or which things provide a charming view? All of these questions are possible. No doubt desert safari is one of the topmost beautiful thrilling activity places for everyone who wants to come. Because Desert safari Dubai includes camel safari, Dune bashing, sunset photography, morning desert safari, sandboarding, ATV quad biking, henna painting or tattoos, photography with ancient costume, Belly dance show, Tanoura dance show, Fire dance show, BBQ dinner with live dance, and the campsite overnight is amazing.



Some special activities of the desert that attract people more around the globe!

  • Camel riding/Camel safari

Here you can see that, one of the most favorite and thrilling activity camel safari. No doubt most people come to see and enjoy the camel safari in the desert, enjoy the ups and downs with red dunes to the campsite. When I came in 2018, here only I see the activity that shows how people move in the older time. An amazing thing about the camel, camel is an animal that moves without water for many hours on the sand. That’s why it’s most favorite animal for riding on sand.

  • Dune bashing or driving

Something special, that only for the desert is dune bashing. Dune driving is one of the most favorite sports activities in the desert, adults and young people like to discover the desert dunes in a fast way. But not for children or the people who have a heart problem. With 4×4 vehicles like Lassan Petrol and the Land cruiser, you are moving comfortably on the desert and explore more.

Explore the ups and downs of the desert from the campsite with a skilled driver is an amazing experience at desert safari Dubai. Here the feeling is unconscious and unforgettable.

  • ATV quad biking

Quads are not for small kids but for adults and young people who want to thrilling activity. Here 2 or 3 wheeler quads are available, according to your choice with best deals of the desert safari you can enjoy the 15-20 minutes quad biking under expert suggestions. He guides you on how to drive in the desert with speed and how to slow down. So during quad biking follow the rules of expert guidelines.

  • Sunset Photography with Arabian costumes/dresses

Another best and the most stunning desert safari Dubai deals includes the sunset or evening photography with Arabian costumes. As a couple, we enjoy such type of photography, when sunset in the Desert, it attracts all visitors, some of taking photos in the desert, some wear the Arabian costumes and take photography. This session is best for all visitors who come and enjoy.

  • BBQ buffet dinner with a live dance show

After the amazing activities, you need some energy and for this, you need something for eating. BBQ dinner on the desert is so yummy and delicious, each vegetarian and no vegetarian can easily taste the food with tea, snacks, and dates.

Also here an amazing belly dance show arranged for the visitors. You can also enjoy BBQ dinner. Also, Tanoura dance show, fire show geld in the evening, that performed by experts come from different corners of the world

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