Why should you sell your house to a Professional Property investor?

Property Management Tips for Overseas Investors in India

The most traditional way of selling a house is to realtors because it’s popular but some of you might have faced a lot of problems regarding that. Realtors can only pay you once they sell your house and one never knows how much time it will take to sell the house. This is where a professional property investor benefits you. Real estate investors are a good option when you want to sell your house fast and for cash. Investors will pay you cash in no time and will rent or resell the property as they wish. They will buy your houses in any condition and in any given amount of time. Here are some reasons why professional property investors is the best option to sell your house : 

  • SELL ‘AS IS’ – Whenever you are thinking of selling your house you know that you need to make your house look perfect in order for it to sell. No buyer would buy a house that looks dainty, old , worn out with moulds, cracks in the walls or any other problems. You would have to renovate your whole house and fix all the issues for the house to sell. But with property investors, you wouldn’t have to go through this. Professional property investors would buy your house as it is with discounts and you wouldn’t have to get anything fixed. No matter even if your roof is falling down, a property investor would still buy it and make the necessary changes themselves. 
  • YOU WON’T HAVE TO RELIST – When you are trying to sell your house through a realtor, a specific time period is given to sell the house and if the house fails to sell on that time period you would have to relist the property and go through the entire process again. You won’t even get your money until the house is sold. This is not a problem with professional property investors. Investors will buy your house in no time and they aren’t looking for someone else to buy it. Investors buy it for themselves, do the necessary work and whatever they do after that is entirely their call. 
  • PROPERTY INVESTORS PAY IN CASH –  Buying a house requires a large sum of money and hence nobody will pay full cash for buying. Most of the people take a loan from the bank in order to buy a property and sometimes the loan can even get denied after the selling process has started. This means that you would have to start from the start of the selling process again. This is not the case with investors as they have their own money. They are not dependent on bank and loan approval. They can pay in complete cash as soon as the deal is done. This is a very good option if you are in need of urgent money. 
  • NO COMPLICATED PAPERWORK – When selling a house through a realtor, there are too many parties involved. The buyer’s agent, the buyer, the seller’s agent and you yourself. This includes a lot of complicated paperwork as too many people are involved and too many documents are generated. This is different with property investors as the deal is directly done between the investor and you and no other party is involved. 
  •  FAST SELLING – All of this comes down to one thing: that the process of selling your house to an investor is quick. As you don’t need to get any work done at the house and investors already have the money to buy it , the process is already simplified. When you are changing states, going abroad, need to get rid of an ancestral home or when you just want to change house as soon as possible, professional property investors are the best option. 

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