Why Taj Residencia Comes on Top in 2021? 4 Reasons

Why Taj Residencia Comes on Top

In the past, Pakistan’s real estate sector has experienced many successful projects, which is why it’s difficult to decide which project to invest in, with new ones being built every day. Taj residencia is the project that has the privilege of being ranked first among the top real estate projects of 2021. 

We’ll go through some reasons why Taj Residencia is at the top of our list for 2021 in this article, including its developers, location, payment plans, and amenities available to its investors. Finally, the article finishes with a forecast of the project’s future course.

Developers and Owners 

Taj Residencia is a project of the Sardar Group of Companies, which is known for their great commitment to their work in the real estate industry, should be well known to the investors. The Centaurus is one of the company’s promising initiatives, which it has delivered over the years. Taj Residencia is deserving of the attention it receives because its name is linked to a group of developers that have already proven themselves to be extraordinary and worthy by delivering multiple lucrative projects. Individuals with extensive experience as planners, designers, engineers, architects, and builders comprise the developer’s team of Taj Residencia.


The Taj Residencia is situated between two interstate sectors, I-14 and I-15. Even though the residential society is in Rawalpindi, it is nevertheless close to Islamabad. Because of its location, Taj Residencia Islamabad’s residents can readily reach any point in a short or adequate amount of time. In general, getting to any of the city’s major attractions takes less than half an hour. When it comes to property investing, it is a crucial factor to remember. It makes it easy to move around and even seek help or assistance in times of need. It is also accessible from many parts of the dual cities, such as:

  • The Srinagar Highway
  • The Lahore-Islamabad Highway (M-2)
  • N5
  • Tamiz-Ud-Din Road 
  • T Road 
  • Chakra Road
  • Girja Road 
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road

Payment Plan

The project is believed to be more expensive than other options on the market due to the lavish style of the plots and homes. However, whether customers are willing to pay more for brand value is a more subjective aspect. Therefore, Taj Residencia’s payment plans make sense as a long-term investment.

A 20% down payment is required to reserve a reservation at Taj Residencia, Islamabad. Followed by ten quarterly installments of the remaining balance. The first installment isn’t due for another six months. These are the plot sizes offered at Taj Residencia:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal


Residents of the Taj Residency get access to all of the basic and modern services and amenities. They enjoy benefits such as underground power, water, and gas. There is also a proper underground sewage system and a drainage system to drain the rainwater. Furthermore, there is no interruption in the provision of pure water or gas. Similarly, mosques, stores, hospitals & health care centers, educational institutes, parks & playgrounds, and restaurants are available to inhabitants of the housing complex.


Taj Residencia’s developers have put in a lot of effort to get the project to where it is today. The progress that society has made speaks for itself. Residents ranked it on number 1 because it is well-deserving and provides outstanding luxury housing for all residents. The community has it all, from the best location to high-end amenities. Taj Residencia is projected to rise to even greater heights of success in the coming future. Suppose you are an investor looking to invest in Taj Residencia or are considering doing so. In that case, Sigma Properties advises you to do so now to take advantage of the current market conditions.

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