Why Trust Badges are Important for E-commerce

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Why Trust Badges are Important for E-commerce

A trust badge refers to a symbol placed on websites to assure visitors that your site is legitimate and secure. In e-commercebusiness, placing a trust badge on the website signifies that the business is authentic and that all the transactions and processes taking place in the website are safe and secure. Customers are wary of their security online and these badges assuresthem that they are in the right shop. This increases the conversion rate of a potential customer into real customers, a feat that boosts sales and growth. Let us tell you more about trust badges and why you need them in your e-commerce.

Types of trust Badges

Secure Payments

Trust badges from secure payment service are a way of reassuring your customers that your site is legit. Most payment service providers need you to meet some requirements, one of the common ones being having an SSL certificate before using their logo as a trust badge. As an online trader, you ought to ensure that customers stay on your website as much as possible to avoid the perception that your website is a scam.

It is smart to choose the payment provider that is trusted by you and the consumer. If you are trading globally, PayPal will be an excellent choice as it is popular worldwide. You can then position your secure payment provider’s badges on your website to show credibility.

Security Seal

Having a security seal on your website puts your customer’s minds at ease as they know that they are trading in a secure site. A third-party endorsement is one of the security seals you can use in e-commerce.

This form of a trust badge insinuates that there is an outside party that has validated and verified the credibility of your store. Examples of most recognized third-party endorsements include Google Trusted Store and Better Business Bureau. You should also add SSL certificates security seals from a trusted Central Authority.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are essential factors that online shoppers look for to determine if they will purchase from your site or not. They act as trust badges as positive feedback from a previous customer will enable your potential customers to trust your website even more. So, take advantage of reviews and ratings as social proof. Feature the reviews and ratings in your site feed. You can also include your reviewer’s identity to assure the customer that the reviews are legit.


Your website visitors are likely to feel secure if you have displayed a badge of a known antivirus brand. They are reassured that they can use the website without compromising their information and devices by exposure to malware. Some of the leading antivirus companies in supplying trust seals include Norton and Intel Security Group.

Industry awards

If your online business has won awards in the past, you need to show this to your audience. The awards can help build the website credibility as it shows you are trusted by customers and awardees among several competitors.

Safe checkout badge

Again, you can get a Safe checkout badge if you Buy SSL certificate for e-commerce. If you don’t know what SSL is all about then it is one of the significant requirements for internet security. It signifies that a process can be trusted and encrypt information to ensure safe transmission of sensitive information like credit card information. You can take time and look for the cheapest SSL certificate from a company recognized by customers to build on trust on your e-commerce.

Money-back guarantee badge

Every single online buyer is scared to take the risk of buying a product or service online. However, with the money-back guarantee badge in a store, your buyers will have no fear of purchasing your goods and services. This is because they are assured that in case they do not like the product or service, they can get a refund. This badge also signifies to the customers that you have their best interest at heart.

Free shipping and free returns badge

Having a free shipping and free return badge is a way of creating trust and safety in customers. It gets rid of that perceived fear of online ordering as the customer can return or receive any product ordered at no extra cost. It is a gesture of excellent customer care services, something that attracts customers.

Contact pages

Many customers will tend to shun pages with no contact information. This is why you need to make sure you create a quality website and provide contact information. Inform your customers of your name and physical location. Ensure you provide details on how they can get in touch with you. Below the website, you can submit your email address, phone number of social media handles through which customers can interact further with you. Contact information builds trust in the customers that the website is legit.

Importance of Trust Badges

If you are still wondering if you need these badges, then keep in mind that eCommerce website Development are multiplying, and so are frauds. Having trust badges like secure payment and safe checkpoint badges removes fear in customers who must provide things like card information to complete payment for their purchased goods. You can use these badges to reassure them that the website is genuine which will help earn you more business!

They will increase the conversion rates of potential customers into real customers. For instance, customer reviews and rating badges are customer feedback from someone who has previously bought the product or service. It hence creates comfort and trust in purchasing a similar product.

Other badges like money-back guarantee, free shipping, and free return badges are a gesture of excellent customer services. Customers tend to buy more where they feel well taken care of.

Wrap up

Displaying trust badges on your website is an excellent way of growing your E-commerce. Badges build trust and confidence in your customers. It reduces cart abandonment instances, increases conversion rate, and, consequently, increases revenue into your e-commerce.

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