Why VoIP For Small Business?

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Why VoIP For Small Business?

Businesses have steadily been transforming the way they work from classic, landline-based phone systems to modern, web-based solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the telecommunications solution that works wonders no matter what size of the business you are operating. The perception that internet telephony is limited to benefit larger organizations is not correct as this is certainly not the case. Small businesses – particularly start-ups – can take enormous advantage. 

With the help of this sophisticated communication technology, each and every business can have benefits. This technology allows users to call anyone or anybody through the internet instead of using traditional phone lines. The best part is that a VoIP user can speak to somebody over the phone as well as use other applications, and people love this advanced technology.  3CX VoIP reduces all the costs, including managing old outdated, traditional phone systems, or the limitations associated with it. Setting up VoIP is quite easy and convenient. Just enter some basic credentials and you are done with setting up automatically on our online portal. 

Following are few listed benefits of VoIP


  • Accessibility


Being extremely portable, VoIP technology allows users to connect from home offices and abroad. Another best part is that your employee’s number can have access to their new home office whenever they make the shift. Accessibility, as well as cost efficiency, are the major advantages of VoIP technology for small businesses. One more distinct advantage this VoIP service provides is that people can make calls from anywhere on the earth. Having a decent and robust data connection is enough to make and receive calls for your business. If you are in the position to answer the call, you have an option to direct the call to someone else. A significant benefit of VoIP is that you can simply access your business phone from just a smart application and nothing else.


  • Ultimate freedom


Not just saving costs, an internet phone service works wonders in providing total flexibility, and you can add or remove features whenever you feel so. It means you have an option to try out new features or scale up and down the same instant with the transformation of your business instantly, without paying any price. Worrying about voice security should not be in your mind anymore as VoIP provides optimum security with call encryption. 


  • Add-On Features at No Extra Cost


Some enhanced features including auto-attendant and call transferring, VoIP plays a vital role in allowing a person to efficiently operate any project, no matter how big it is. You must be thinking that the functionalities like call transfer, group ringing, call queuing are there in traditional PBX as well, but they are not inherent over there. You need to pay to avail of these features as they are add-ons.


  • Portability


One of the amazing advantages of a VoIP number is that it is totally portable. It states that you can use the same number from wherever you are. It is very benefitting and good news for those who travel a lot because you don’t need to worry about buying another number. Simply retain the same VoIP number and use it. 


  • Higher Scalability


Scalability is another astonishing feature of VoIP technology, and it makes it an attractive proposition for growing businesses. It is essential to get small business internet service to be expanded all over. A VoIP solution does wonders in purchasing expensive hardware or dedicated lines as your business starts growing. Think of all the possible scenarios as you are a business owner. Which business owner would not like to have a fantastic technology for expanding and growing their business exponentially?

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