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Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has grown lots in terms of interest furthermore as an investment. Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure of many companies worldwide. Together with the increased impact of clouds computing in IT and business, the demand for cloud skills also will increase. Therefore, cloud professionals have to prove their skills and knowledge. They need to be ready to compete with other professionals within the market, and a cloud certification is that the best thing to do in such scenarios.

Here are some reasons how cloud computing certification can facilitate you in achieving your goal:

Increasing demand for skilled professionals

Organizations are constantly hiring highly skilled cloud computing experts. The skilled professionals of this field can help in efficiently implementing a cloud environment into an organization’s infrastructure. A recent survey has revealed that there are 25,000+ jobs associated with the AWS cloud that are vacant. Having an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Amazon)certification will be a good advantage if you want to consider this as a career option for you. AWS is among the biggest platforms that are used for cloud computing. The reason behind this is that it offers features like content delivery, database storage, networking, and more. It’s one of the most profitable skills that you can use to accelerate your career trajectory. A study indicated that there’s also a shortage of skilled professionals within the Microsoft Azure platform. A certification in Azure can facilitate your skills and make you get qualified for these jobs. Plenty of organizations are using DevOps to deliver new software applications and features. As the use of DevOps technologies grow, the demand for certified professionals during this domain also grow with it in the same manner. Therefore, it is very critical for you to have the right certification in this field. It can play an important role in shaping your career.

Improved earning potential

Let’s have a glance at the roles and salaries that are available in cloud computing:

  • Enterprise Architect, IT: USD138k
  • Senior Solutions Architect: USD 138k
  • Solutions Architect: USD 125k
  • Information Technology (IT) Architect: USD 123k
  • Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT): USD 108k
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer: USD 98k
  • Software Engineer: USD 99k

Jobs of this field offer good salaries and aren’t influenced by changing market conditions.

Proof of experience and credibility

Certifications are always a good choice when you have to showcase your knowledge and skills. Hiring professionals have said that certifications, training, and skill are among the foremost valued attributes for a cloud-related position. A certification in cloud computing validates your knowledge and skills in working with new technologies to support the changing cloud market. You’ll have opportunities to figure in various cloud-related projects and handle clouds deployment in an enterprise.

If you wish to urge employment within the field of cloud computing, you’ll opt for one or more vendor-specific certifications, like AWS or VMware or CompTIA Cloud+.

Cloud technology has seized the complete IT market. All companies, whether or not they are big or small, depend upon public clouds platforms to host and implement critical applications. So, if you’re about to enter into this industry or looking to grow your cloud computing career, a certification will be the most effective step for you. uCertify offers comprehensive courses equipped with interactive learning resources which will facilitate your ace a cloud computing cert exam in your first attempt.

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